World Emoji Day – Let’s Celebrate with these 20 Plus Freemium emoji sites

World Emoji Day - 2020

World Emoji Day is finally here, and is the globally celebrated event, especially by those who love communicating with emoji. Every individual today using social media platform, or in that matter smartphone for communication is presented with a huge list of emoji or emoticons, making the conversation funny and exciting. No matter what conversation you are having, sad, intellectual, funny or romantic, emoji are now part of the conversation.

From Facebook to Instagram or Twitter, emoji are an integral part of the communication. Isn’t it fun to communicate using emoji and make the conversation more happening?  By March 2020, there were around 3000 emoji added on the dictionary.  Since we are living in the age of social distancing, there are emoji presenting these messages. Emojis are here to stay for long, as long as the texting and tweeting is going to continue. Today, internet is filled with wide range of these iconic little images to communicate.

As we are going to celebrate birthday Emoji on July 17, we bring you the list of 25 such freemium emoji you are using or try using during your conversation. However, before that, let us give you a brief about emoji and certain facts you must know, so you can educate yourself about this facial expression communication method.

  • Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita in the year 1999 made the first emoji for cellphones. However, later, when in 2012, Apple released iOS 6, they were fully embraced.
  • In the year 2015, Oxford dictionaries named “Face with Tears of Joy” as the emoji of the year.
  • The first set of emojis was used in November 1997 in Japanese J-Phone.
  • Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia introduced the concept of World Emoji Day – ❤️ 17th July Each Year ❤️
  • As mentioned above, according to Unicode version 12.0 by Unicode Consortium, that creates and releases new emojis say there are more than 3000 emojis symbols today.
  • There is a movie called “Emoji” Movie released in 2017, and it is an entirely animated movie.
  • You can track the usage of emoji on Twitter by using the tool called Emoji Tracker, which gives real-time tracking to know how many people globally are using emoji.
  • On World Emoji Day, more new emojis are released, and people love using these little icons for communication.
  • Of all the emoji used, Smileys & People dominate in the conversation.
  • There are several apps allowing users to turn their selfies into personalised emoji. Some of these are Emoji Me Keyboard app, Emoji Me Face Maker app, and other similar apps are available for Android and iOS devices.
  • More than 10 billion emojis are sent daily during the conversation. Around 700 million emojis used in Facebook daily and 36% of Instagram posts carry emojis.

If you have been using emoji in your conversation, on World Emoji Day, it is essential to know what exactly these little emoticon image is.

What is an Emoji?

Emoji is a mixture of “picture and character” and is roughly translated as “Pictograph”. It shouldn’t be confused with an emoticon. Emoticon refers to the typographic display of emotions and facial expression. If you have ever used SMS, then you must have used an emoticon.

Emojis are continually developing with new ones introduced and added the language of symbols. Emojigraphy is a type of structural grammar used as a language. Then there is Emojipedia, that documents the latest trends happening around little image icons. Every year on 17th July, World Emoji Day is celebrated, where people love exchanging more emojis to communicate.

Emoji IncreasesEngagement

Since emojis are used mainly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there is a higher chance of increasing engagement. Every year, on World Emoji Day, billons of these little image icons are exchanged in conversation. In addition, many articles are published helping to increase the engagement between site and users.

If emojis are used in Tweet, it can increase the engagement by 25%. Similarly, if added on Facebook, it can increase the conversion by 57%.

Variety of Little Icons

In February 2019, there were 230 new emojis introduced, including waffle, otter and guide dog. There are around 1606 different types of little icons of people and 150 types of smiley face icons.

Popularity on Twitter

Twitter is the major platform where these little emoticons are used within certain characters. According to Emojipedia analysis, below top 13 emojis were used on Twitter in April 2020:

[wptb id=10794]

Trends of Eomji

On the World Emoji Day, there are trend about these little icons, which you must know-

  • The use of positive smiley face emojis went on the decline by 5.63%, compared to Pleading Face, that saw a good popularity.
  • Nearly, one in every five tweets, emojis are used
  • Emojis of Travel & Places category have seen a decrease in use to travel restrictions in many parts of the world.
  • Social Distancing and Coronavirus related emojis are largely used in 2020
  • More than 5 billion emojis exchanged daily on Facebook Messenger
  • By mid- 2015, half of the comments on Instagram had emojis.

Emoji at the time of Coronavirus

Emojipedia Sample of Illnes Tweets Top-Coronavirus Conversations
Image Source:

Since World Emoji Day is falling during the time of COVID-19 or Coronavirus, you will find that there are emojis used to represent this virus. There are 12 emojis used during the pandemic era. So if you are sending a birthday emoji to someone, then add coronavirus emojis too making the conversation funny and message-oriented.

To find which of the 12 emojis used during Coronavirus, 49,621 unique tweets were selected 

Creating your Own Emoji

Since, we are celebrating World Emoji Day; wouldn’t it be interesting to create your own emoji? Many apps allow you to create your own emoji and use it for the conversation. In iOS, there is a free app called Makemoji, which also includes around 1000 pre-made emoji. In fact, many free emoji sites allow you to download and use for the conversation purpose. 

On World Emoji Day, let us now check 25 plus freemium sites to celebrate birthday emoji

25 plus freemium sites to use and download emoji

1. Emojipedia’s

World Emoji Day with Emojipedia Discover History of Emojis Free Images

If you are looking for some amazing emoji trend or small icons to use on the World Emoji Day, then visit Emojipedia, the official website to get a wide collection of emojis to suit every purpose of yours. On this website, emojis are categorised under emotions, animals, nature, food and drink, activities, travel and places and many more. You can also get an update about the most popular emojis, like the red heart emoji, the fire emoji, the smiling face with small hearts. However, the most attractive feature of this site is that it also has emojis on specific news and incidents, which went viral on worldwide platforms.

 You can also get different versions of small icons; therefore can actually trace the updates and evolutions that emojis went through. You also get the Unicode versions of different emojis, which helps you to decode and create emojis. Additionally, they provide the Emojipedia apps, sequences, proposals and FAQs as well.

2. Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard - get your unicode emojis Free

On this World Emoji Day, let us introduce you with another freepremium site for downloading small conversation icons- Emoji Keyboard. The biggest benefit of using this website is its multi-linguistic amenities. To simplify, you can opt from multiple languages to give input to this website. Coming to the inputs, this website enables you to search for any and every possible emojis. It has a huge collection to choose from happy to sad, love to hate. It is undoubtedly helping you to send different emojis to your family, friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances on World Emoji Day. As you can well understand from the above statement, this website has vividly varying emojis, which suits every person, occasion and every feeling. 

You can search any emoji by writing the complete or incomplete description of it when you start getting suggestions for the one you are asking for. Alternatively, you can type the Unicode version 37 on the search-box to find the required one. Last but not the least, on a lighter note; you can get small icons of every complexion on this website.

3. iEmoji

iEmoji from your keyboard free emoji to use

This World Emoji Day, you can try iEmoji website for creating, obtaining and sending emojis to your contacts. You can copy ant emoji from the website and paste it on whichever social platform you are using for communicating with your acquaintances. Even if your device does not have any particular emoji, you can search and get it here. In addition, if you are not getting “the one” emoji you want, you can simply generate it by using this website. For creating emojis, you might need to look for the use of different emojis by different people. 

You can also develop an understanding about the meaning of these small icons, only by using this website. This website highlights the most popular emoji with standard usage and meanings for a better user experience. Another unique feature of this website is to show you how the appearance of one emoji varies from device to device and from one application to the other. It also allows you to decode emojis, if you enter the Unicode, letting the quest for newer emojis never ended.

4. Emoji Homepage

Emoji Homepage with mask emojis  for Covid-19 and CoronaVirus

There are a vast number of emojis out there, spread across different websites and applications. You may like the heart emoji on one location and the birthday emoji on another location. This really is inconvenient, especially when you are going to send many emojis to your friends and colleagues on World Emoji Day. Luckily, there is a brilliant solution to that problem. You can find all type of small icons out there in one place on the Emoji Homepage website. When you will visit the website, you will be astonished to see the sheer number of emojis that are present there. The list goes on and on as you keep scrolling. 

Now you may wonder how you can find one particular emoji such as the owl emoji from such a huge list. It would feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Well fret not, there is a search engine built in that website. You can type out the emoji you want and the website will show you just that. If in case you want to search a group or category of small icons such as vehicle, you will get all relevant emojis to choose any one. You can simply click on the emoji to copy it and paste it in the social media platform of your choice.

5. Emoji Request

Emoji Request - Request your unique emoji

Emojis serve the purpose of representing human emotions and feelings on social platforms. They also save on typing too many words as various objects can also be represented as emojis. While there is already a long list of emojis out there, it does not represent every human emotion or all the objects that are present in the world. This is the reason why more and more emojis are being added every single day. In spite of that, it may so happen that you are not finding the appropriate emoji to represent your thoughts. In that case, you can send a request to create an emoji as per your need. 

You can do this free of charge on the Emoji Request website. Simply tell them how you want the emoji to look like and they will do it for you. After that, you can send an emoji inspired from your own imagination to your friends and relatives on World Emoji Day. You can send your emoji request directly on the website or on their iOS app and they will create it soon. You can find thousands of emojis that added such as the knight emoji and the gingerbread house emoji.

6. FB Emojis

FaceBook Emojis - FB Emojis free to copy past emoji

Emojis have become an important part of the chat interface in every social platform. Each platform or app has big list of small icons. However, you might have noticed that the artwork behind an emoji representing a particular expression is different for the different apps. Like for example the kiss emoji in Facebook is quite different from the one in WhatsApp. You may like the artwork of an emoji in one platform while disliking the one in the other platform. On top of that, there are certain emojis that are exclusive to Facebook only. If by chance you like the emojis on Facebook then there is good news for you. One of the best site you can check is the FB Emojis for some interesting collections of small icons. 

On the Facebook Emojis website, you can find each emoji that is there in Facebook’s own list of emojis. The best part about it is that you can use these emojis on every other social media platform without having to use their inbuilt emoji list. This World Emoji Day you can send the ribbon heart emoji on Facebook to your friend on WhatsApp without facing any problem at all. Simply click on the emoji you want to send and it will be copied. Then paste in the chat box on any platform to use it.

7. FreePNGImg

Top Free PNG Img Emoji

If you are looking for the preeminent emojis, then you are in for a treat with this amazing site. is a non-commercial site made by a group of exceptional graphic designers who are working hard to give the world a place to find free and premium emojis. The site is peculiarly made for the people looking for PNG images for their personal use or even work. Stocked up with various categories with a transparent background, the PNGs in the sites can be downloaded for free and used for various commercial and non-commercial purposes. You don’t have to worry about registration on this site you can download and save the PNGs as per your convenience. So, this World Emoji Day goes crazy with


Copy and Past Emoji

Sometimes, searching for a particular simple emoji can be a painful task, that is why brings to you the best way to get your high quality and free emojis stocked up at one place. The emojis you download from this exquisite site is supported on various technical platforms such as iOS, macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Android, and even Linux. This is the feature that makes different from other free emoji sites. Pick your best from the categories like People, animals, food, different activities, travel, objects, symbols, flags, and more. The emojis can be easily downloaded and used in various social media platforms for both commercial and non-commercial uses. In this World Emoji Day, you can now play around with premium and free emojis through


PIXABAY.Com Free Emojis

World Emoji Day is in the corner, and if you want to show off your emoji collection, then the best place to visit is Created by five mad web designers from around the world, this Germany born company provides the users with free and premium emojis for commercial as well as non-commercial use. The categories present in the site is extensive and remarkable for people to explore and choose. Starting from simple emojis to distinct illustration, has everything that you are looking. You can register yourself and download your favourite emoji without any hustle. Not just emojis, they also give you a variant choice over illustrations, images, vectors, videos, and more.


OpenMoji Free Unicode Emojis

We all know that emojis are one of the indispensable parts of our daily communication. And this World Emoji Day, we will be making that vital part of your life more exciting. The web and designing team in the make sure that they develop independent and unique emojis for the betterment of their users. is mainly a project escalated by 50+ students and two of the professors from HFG Schwabisch Gmund, a design university to fulfil user’s wish to get hands-on freemium emojis. Their goal is to create emojis that would integrate with the combination of texts. It is essential to communicate with people using texts and icons; that is why is here to make better and enhanced communication.


W3Schools HTML Smiley Emojis

When you are typing a coded message for both commercial and non-commercial use, you wish to have emojis to code into your message. That is when the arrives for rescue. The site not only allows you to download the emojis for free, but it can also get transferred into HTML coding. To change the emojis present in the site can be displayed in HTML by encoding decimal and hexadecimal codes given by each emoji. This process made the coding technique even more exciting. Every emoji s embedded with a unique code that will allow the users to encrypt it in the message body in a very hustle-free method. This World Emoji Day lets make work fun!


PNG Tree - Free paid emoji download

Created and established in the year 2016, got set to design millions of graphic resources for the usage of everyone. The emojis present in the site are free to download and use after an easy registration. The people working in the development of this site aim for building the largest PNG platform free of cost for the designers around the world and people with skills and oomph for designing. They promise you a high resolution and premium emoji without any cost, and that is what they deliver. The diversity of categories allows the users to access through discrete options according to their preferences. Connected through more than a hundred thousand of designers and skillful people, this World Emoji Day sets to create history with its services.


Emojis by Clipart library Free Emojis

Every single expression of our face can get made into an emoji, and that is what this site, creates. This World Emoji Day get ready to play with your emoji expressions with the exquisite and variant options present in this site. particularly made for non-commercial usage, the emojis can be downloaded free of cost and in any image format for the user’s interference. The emojis are also with transparent background that allows the user to make use of them in any way they desire. Specifically made for social networking sites, the emojis give your communication skills a little bit more variation and edge. Laugh, cry, and express anything through emojis from

14. Freepik

Freepik Emojis - Free Emoji Downloads

The Freepik designers and illustrators got set to create unique sets of ideas every day for the users’ benefit. The gives you high quality and free illustrations, photos, mock-ups, templates, icons, and more for both commercial and non-commercial usage. Founded in 2010 this company site allows the users to get access to their premium and best emojis without any cost or charges. This is the platform where the designers and skillful people around the world can find free designing and graphic resources. Being Europe’s fastest-growing start-ups, is all set to create more advanced and unique creativity this World Emoji Day, giving you a chance to stand out.


Emoji Copy, Click and Copy Emojis

The main aim of building this website is to make sure that the users get a searchable way to copy and paste variant emojis available. got equipped with exquisite and derivative emojis that can get used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. World Emoji Day is nearby, and this is the best time to upgrade your emoji game with the site’s choices and categories. Not just that, the site allows you to adjust the size of your emoji, toggle between emojis, set your favourite colour card, and much more. Starting from face emoji to flags and foods, they have everything for greater user satisfaction. Browse through different options and then copy and paste the emoji you like without any hustle.


Vecteezy Free Vector Emoji for Heart and Valentine Day Emoji for Free

It is the largest vector photo and graphic community to be present in the world. Stocked up with expansive ideas and emojis the site not only allows the users to download emoji sets out of cost but also provides them with a chance to create their own set of emojis. During World Emoji Day, many skilful designers and illustrators flock to this site to make their kind of emojis with unique ideas. The way to search through so many graphics and emojis is quite reliable on this site. They tend to offer you fresh designs every time you log in to the site. Get free and exclusive premium access to emojis present on the site.


Stick PNG - Sticker Type Emojis to Stick

Designing and downloading emojis are made easier with the, where you can not only download free emojis and icons but also create your designs with your ideas. Find any emoji in this site, animals, cartoons, clothes, comic fantasy, and many more, whatever style and type you may wish can be found here in this site. Made exclusively for non-commercial usage the site gives you to choose between 33,682 free emojis with a transparent background that can get used anywhere. Searching and downloading gets easier with the site after a hustle free registration that permits you to access everything present in the site. So, this World Emoji Day level up your emoji sharing and creating the game.

18. emoji.css

EmojiCSS Open Sources Emoji Library

It does not matter if your phone got an emoji app or various emoji on social media sites; not everyone has everything. That is the reason why the designers working with Emoji.css got a chance to create something extraordinary out of the simplest things. Here, you can get your hands on any type and kind of emoji that you may want. They have got emojis of every shape and size, which is free to download and is of premium quality. World Emoji Day is arriving, and you must keep your best emojis handy for various usage.

19. Emoji More

EmojiMore - Flat Emojis copy and past free emojis

Let the pictures say what the words can’t! is one useful site where you can find a huge range of enticing emojis. You can click on an emoji you like, and that will get copied to the clipboard. This amazing site not only offers so many emojis, it also offers descriptions of each emojis. The nice thing about the site is it is multilingual. It also features a search toolbar so that users can look for specific types of emojis. On this World Emoji Day, it’s time to use this free site and send funny or hilarious emojis to people you want. You can pick a Birthday emoji or any other emoji as per your need. There is not any registration process to use these free emojis.

20. Copy and Paste Emoji

Copy and past emoji best way to find Emojis

This site has an impressive collection of emojis covering segments like people, fashion, animals, food, zodiac signs, transport, etc. The site UI is simplistic and devoid of clutter. At first glance, you should be able to locate the emojis you want. Just by double-clicking, you can copy an emoji and use it on the computer. At the bottom part of the page, you get plenty of information on emojis and how to use them. In, you will find some rare emojis that are usually not found in mobile software. On this World Emoji Day, you can use this free emoji site and make people smile. Visit CopyandPaste Emojis.

21. Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard Nice, Clean, copy, type search free download emojis

Have you sometimes searched for an emoji, but your default keyboard or app left you disappointed? There are amazing free emoji sites like that let you find and use emojis of any kind. On this World Emoji Day, you can utilise this site and send emojis to your friends and near ones. It has a nice UI, and finding the emojis is simple. You can also look for emojis specific to services or apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. The emojis are also put under specific categories like foods, symbols, nature, places, etc. You can copy by clicking on any symbol. 


PiliApp Unlimited Emoji lists

This is World Emoji Day, and people are using funny, cute, and sweet emojis to express their feelings. Your default app keyboard may not contain the emojis you want to use. There is a solution, though. This site has nearly 845 emojis to choose from. The emojis are listed under many categories like smileys & people, animals and nature, activities, food and drink, travel and places, Objects, Flags, symbols, etc. You can use this free site and copy any emoji you like. Then, you can send it to the recipient online. also supports technical platforms like iPhone, iPad, Windows 8.1, Android 4.4, etc. All you need to do is clicking on the emojis. The site UI is simple and uncluttered. You may also use a search box to find apt emojis. 


Cool Symbol - best tabbed emojis for Free to Use

Have you ever felt let down by lack of apt emojis in your default app or keyboard? On this World Emoji Day, use this online emoji keyboard service and send the choicest emoji to the near ones instantly. The interface of the site is very simple, and the emojis are categorised for ease of use. You can pick emojis from top sections like transport, smileys, animals, sports, nature, and more. The nice thing is after you copy and emoji by clicking on it, you can further customise it here. It also has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, which is quite handy. visit


Let us celebrate each year World Emoji Day on July 17th with new members of Emojis! We hope there is no communication without Emoji expression any more. Hope we will be welcoming more Emojis to our collection.

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