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Top WordPress Poll Plugins for adding Polls

Best WordPress Poll Plugins for your blog

Polls are a simple and effective tool for adding interest and user interaction to your website or blog. WordPress poll plugins are the easiest way of doing this, meaning you can quickly get to know your users better. Website users like polls because they are an enjoyable, but low engagement activity; a way to feel involved without the effort of completing a full survey. The best polls are those where the user is interested in both answering the question and finding out how others have answered. Website owners like polls because they enable them to gain instant insight and opinions from their users, also they can tailor their offerings to both retain and increase traffic.

With WordPress poll plugins you can easily add a poll to a specific post or page of your blog or website. Alternatively a poll that can be integrated as a poll widget in the sidebar so it is visible whichever page users are on. There is a wide variety of poll plugins; from primary level polls to advanced, survey-style offerings. Choose from a range of styles and set ups including social polls connected to Facebook accounts for maximum sharing, multiple choice answers, simple dilemma ‘would you rather’ options, mood response icons and ones with graphics to demonstrate the results. This post looks at the top WordPress poll plugins for adding polls to your website or blog to ensure results.

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See below list of  Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1. Responsive Poll

“Responsive Poll” allows you to create polls easily in WordPress. The results can be displayed in a number of fully customisable HTML5 animated charts.

Responsive Poll -  Poll plugins


2. YOP Poll

YOP Poll is a full option polling functionality to get the answers you need from your audience online. YOP Poll is the perfect, easy to use poll plugin for your WordPress website.

YOP Poll Plugin

Demo / Information

3. Pollify – Simple WordPress Poll Widget

A simple wordpress poll plugin comes with great features. Three layers of security, five languages with RTL support, easy to use and setup and embedded functionality for Google analytic.

Pollify Poll Plugin


4. Social Polls by OpinionStage

Install social polls to bring more powerful and easy to use social polling feature to your site.

Opinion Stage polling plugin allows you to integrate Social polls and Standard polls to your website or Facebook page.

Opinion Stage Poll Plugin

Demo / Information

5. Social Polls by Wedgies.com

Adding Wedgies Social Polls will allow you to engage your audience by asking a question. You can add Wedgies polls to your WordPress page.

Social Polls by Wedgies.com is an another social polling plugin for WordPress. Social polls are a great way to engage your website visitors and this will create extra engagement to the visitor.

Social Polls by Wedgies.com

Demo / Information

6. Advanced Polls for WordPress

ExtStore Advance Polls is an another Premium WordPress Poll plugin. This plugin allows you to create polls and display its results as its results as many graphical figures in nice designed pop-up windows.

ExtStore Advance Polls is a Responsive, Nice and clean plugin for your WordPress website.

Advance Poll


7. WordPress Social Polling Plugin

Turbo charge social polling plugin for WordPress. An additional plugin to work in conjunction with Easy Polling Plugin.

WordPress Social polling plugin is a premium plugin and its contain Facebook Social Sharing and most importantly controls the voting on your Polls through the use of the Facebook API to allow users to vote using their Facebook Account.

WordPress Social Polling Plugin


8. Dilemma WordPress Plugin

Dilemma WordPress poll plugin is an amazing plugin, those who willing to add pictures and colours for polling. Each Dilemma WordPress Poll results will be displayed in a new page, which could increase your page views if you are running website or blog.

Dilemma WordPress poll plugin is a premium plugin, which will increase website visitor attraction without any doubt.

Dilemma Polling Plugin

Dilemma 3.7 Poll Plugin - Features


9. WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

 Easy Polling Plugin


10. WP-Polls

WordPress Easy Polling Plugin has comfortable features. The plugin brings a new and easy way for you to engage your website visitors and gather opinions. The plugin could use as rating systems for any of your posts or pages.

WP Polls

Information / Demo

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