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These days, no business can afford not to engage in extensive online marketing. As a small business owner, you may feel that there’s no way to compete with larger companies in this area, but that’s not the case at all. Marketing automation software has leveled the playing field in many ways, allowing smaller companies to go head-to-head with much larger ones. The question, though, is which sales and marketing automation tools are worth your while?

What is Marketing Automation?

According to SiriusDecisions, almost 11 times more B2B companies rely on automation for marketing now than in 2011. What is it, though? Put simply, it’s a way of automating and streamlining online marketing activities. To gain an even clearer understanding, consider a few of today’s most popular marketing automation systems:

Constant Contact

One of the oldest and best-known marketing automation tools for small businesses, Constant Contact is an affordable, flexible way to engage in targeted, personalised email marketing with minimal amounts of effort, fuss and expense. For just $15 per month, you can get a feel for what this type of automation software can do before investing more money in more elaborate solutions. No technical know-how is needed, so you can kick-start your email marketing campaign immediately.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Automation Tools

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A relative newcomer to the scene, is something of a step above Constant Contact. Although it has a clean, simple user interface, the program is best suited for companies with developers who can customize it to more perfectly suit their needs. If your company falls into this category, you can’t do better. In addition to offering several very affordable plans, offers a free plan as well. Its main advantage is that it sends emails after being triggered by certain events. Emails can be timed based on what users do or don’t do. Additional perks include powerful conversion tracking tools, A/B testing, exceptional segmentation and more. Marketing Automation Tool

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As one of the first sales and marketing automation tools to offer omnichannel functionality — which means it covers all media channels, including email, mobile, social, onsite and offline — Sailthru is an incredibly powerful online marketing solution. With it, you can deliver a personalized channel for every customer, allowing you to reach customers via their preferred communication methods. The software compiles extensive amounts of information and makes the most of Big Data. Of the many marketing automation systems out there, Sailthru and its predictive intelligence features is a major standout.

Sailthru sales and marketing automation tool

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Many would argue that this sales and marketing automation tool is the Rolls-Royce of the industry. For an average price of around $2,000 per month, it’s a major investment for a small business. Considering its powerful array of tools, however, you’re sure to agree it’s worth it. Brought to you by Oracle, the software integrates well with other Oracle offerings and many third-party solutions as well. From audience segmentation to lead scoring and nurturing, it’s one of the finest “hands-off” ways to engage in effective online marketing.

Eloqua - Oracle Effective online marketing automation tool

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Despite its somewhat hefty price tag, Marketo remains one of the most popular small business marketing automation System. Boasting a comprehensive array of tools and features, ranging from search marketing to landing page creation, Marketo is designed to help businesses drive sales, retain existing customers, reach out to new prospects and so much more.

Marketo science of marketing automation

The sooner you get on board with high-quality marketing automation software, the sooner your business can reap the benefits. Try out a few of these top tools to begin your search for the perfect solution now.

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