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Top 5 WordPress Themes for Health Blogs

Health Blogs – WordPress Theme Overview

The follow themes are best suited for health blogs because most of them come with schedules, contact details and more. They are suitable for doctors, hospitals, health clinics, holistic clinics and other health related websites.


Newspaper is the perfect theme for anyone who would like to run a website that is build to deliver news to readers. This theme comes with over 20 predefined demos of which 2 are specific for the health industry. You can also add social media icons to the website which will allow your readers to follow you on all your other social media platforms. It is also compatible with WooCommerce which will allow you to turn your website into an online store.

Newspaper Health Magazine Website Template

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This responsive WordPress theme will organise your business admin for you. This top notch modern theme will allow you to create a website with no hassle. It comes with forms and much more widgets to give you the opportunity to have clients fill out details and requests online. This fact will limit time spent in the waiting room and more time with the doctors. Infinite will benefit your business today!

Infinite Modern Medical Website Template

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MedicalPress is one of the most popular themes for the health industry. WooCommerce is a plugin that has been added to the latest version. This will allow you to turn your website into an online store which can help your business in terms of merchandising your brand or selling toothbrushes online. It can easily be designed to your liking and keep your readers and your customers happy at all time.

Medical Press Popular Doctor Website Template

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This professional theme will make your medical website look like a professional has designed it meanwhile it has taken you not even an afternoon to get it up and going. Booked plugin will keep you up to date with your schedules and bookings for every doctor that is part of your practice. MedicalPro will allow you to market your medical services and products on your website by the use of WooCommerce.

Medicalpro Medical Landing Page Website Template

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Healthflex – Great Medical WordPress Theme

HealthFlex is an astonishing, professional, crafty and innovative WordPress theme that is user-friendly and responsive. This theme is aimed at the health service industry from doctors’ rooms to dentists’ offices. There are amazing plugins that will help promote your website and make it more appealing to your readers. HealthFlex comes with complete demo websites to help you decide which look will best suit your needs. You will not regret using this powerful WordPress theme to market your health industry services.

Healthflex New Medical WordPress Theme

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And there you have it, the top 5 WordPress themes for a health blog.

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