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Top 5 JavaScript frameworks to create a viral application

Top 5 JavaScript frameworks

Web development is one of the fasting growing industries worldwide! It is time that you learn how to take your plain JavaScript and turn it into a web app that everyone is going to want to get their hands on.

This article will show you the best JavaScripts that are being used at the moment. These Javascript frameworks give you the ability to focus on developing elements of the user interface without you having to worry too much about the coding of the App you are trying to develop. Most JavaScripts ride on MVC pattern however, it is not necessary. You can use MV*, MVVM, MVP and so. It just depends which code is best for the web App you are trying to develop.

1. Angular.js

Angular JS by google - Top 5 JavaScript frameworks

AngularJS, is the main man when it comes to Javascript frameworks. As it stands today, it boats the biggest community of web developers at the moment and is the most used JavaScript framework when it comes to developing single page web applications.

This framework gives HTML super powers by adding all the features that is required to building interacting user interfaces. You are able to extend HTML attributes by using their directives. The steps to extending HTML are very simple when you use AngularJS.

The core of Angular.JS is a two way data binding function. This is when users interact with the interface and give their valued feedback on the application.

2. React.JS

React JS - Javascript Framework - Top 5 JavaScript frameworks

React.JS is giving Angualr.JS a run for its money. Most of us around the world use their software every single day of our lives. We know these applications as: Facebook and Instergram. This shows you just how powerful React.JS really is.

React.JS was first released in 2003 under BSD license. I would say that this is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks out there today. There are hundreds of videos and tutorials out there that can teach you how to use this framework to the best of its ability.

This JavaScript framework is best at rendering complex user interfaces at a high and fast performance rate. This is why it works so well for Facebook. This uses the basic concept of Virtual DOM. This means that you are able to communicate back and forth from servers or from the client’s side.

When the data manipulation is more complex, the client side DOM becomes intensive and the React.JS handles it as follows:

  • Render DOM at server side
  • Compare virtual DOM to the browser
  • Update only the selective nodes of the browser DOM

Another great bonus to React.JS is the re-usability factor that it has. This allows you to have a library or a memory storage whereby you can get the information you need over and over again.

3. Ember.JS

EmberJS - Top 5 Javascript Framework

Ember.JS is another powerful framework that was released in 2011 by Yehuda Katz under MIT license. Ember is like her sisters in the sense that she allows you to build interactive frontend user interfaces and is a very community based Java framework.

It uses a 2 way data binding principle which will update when things change which allows your uses to keep up to date and in sync all the time.
The reason why Ember is on this list is because they are constantly updating and upgrading this JavaScript framework and adding new and exciting elements to the program. Ember has Fastboot.js which allows server side rendering of DOM. The concept is similar to React however it has better performance when it comes to Complex UI rendering.

Ember has the best of Angular as well as React. It is still new to the market but I am sure that Ember.JS is going to continue growing and becoming better and better.

4. Aurelia.JS

Aurelia - Top 5 Javascript Framework

Aurelia.JS was created by Rob Eisenberg and was released in 2015. It is one of the youngest JavaScripts frameworks on this list but it has tools and frameworks to support the next generation of web developments.

It extends the abilities of Durandal and Angular 1 and 2. Eisenberg says that if you have worked with the other JavaScript frameworks in the past, then the migration from those to Aurelia is clear and simple.

Aurelia might be new but it carries a great legacy and is managed by a highly professional community. The main power for Aurelia is the many small libraries it has.

This power is highly modernised and you can use entire frameworks in the project or you can use a few of the required libraries. This choice is completely up to you depending on the web application you are trying to create.  Aurelia does not depend on any external parties except for polyfills.

5. Meteor.js

MeteorJS - op 5 Javascript Framework

If you are the type of person who loves to build a full web application on JavaScript then Meteor is for you. This JavaScript framework is quick and is equipped with all the features you will need for frontend rendering, backend development, business logic and database management.

If Java is all you know, then when you use Meteor there is no need to learn any other language. Meteor is modular and the packages and libraries can be used when needed.Any changes that you might make in the database are reflected back on the UI immediately and vice versa. The server side packages of Meteor run in the node.js, which means that you do not need anything else except Meteor packages to access the database in JavaScript. This makes Meteor applications real time web applications.

You can have a look at the course of Meteor so that you can get more familiar with the JavaScript framework.

As you can see, there are a few JavaScript frameworks out there that will make you developing stages a simple process and a lot easier. You need to focus on what you want the final application to be as well as how you want it to run before you choose the perfect JavaScript framework for you.

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