Top 15 Online Image Compressors to reduce your Image File Size

Online image compressors are the best tools designed for those who want to post images on specific devices. Optimising images for photography website will make the site load faster. Visitors, when visiting the site, want it to get loaded faster and browse over different sections. Faster loading site means better ranking on the search engine too.

Many Online Image Compression software can be used, but have limited features and are expensive too. There are online image compressor tools come with essential elements and make the process of optimisation easy and faster.

What is Image Optimisation?

Image compress, also called as image optimization is a tool created for reducing the size of images before uploading on the website and other areas. Having a smaller image size like allows websites to load faster. By using these tools, you can add thumbnails and impress the site. Adding thumbnails is the best way to captivate readers.

The need for Image Compressor

Images, which are shot on high-end cameras, are larger and resolution, adding considerable load time on the web page. This can be certainly annoying for users and may end up leaving the site. A website, which takes more than 5 seconds to load, will end up losing traffic.

The best is to go for an authentic and website friendly online image compressor that allows you to reduce image size in kb.

Listed below are the top 15 online image compressors to reduce the image file size

1.   Mageplaza Image Optimizer

Megaplaza Image Optimizer – Reduce image file size in bulk images

One of the best online image compressors for Magento 2 store, Mageplaza Image Optimiser is an optimisation tool. If you have a Magento 2 store designed website, then this image compressor software would work. The tool supports popular image formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP and one of the best “jpg size reducer“. There are two compression options- Lossy and Lossless. By using these two modes, you will be able to reduce file size required for the website without hindering with the image quality.

The tool has cron, which can scan and optimize automatically, helping to save time to store.

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2.  JPEG Optimizer or JPG size reducer

JPEG Optimizer is yet another image compressor software allowing the user to upload and compress your photos online. However, the user can only compress JPEG files. One thing that makes JPEG Optimizer the best software is it allows you to resize your images before you optimize. Resizing your image with this software can save loading time, and you do not have to split your workflow.

The software allows you to select your optimization level, having control over the quality of your optimized image. For photographers, this could be very helpful.

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3.  TinyPNG

Tiny PNG – Easy online PNG, JPEG image Compression

This tool is the yet another useful and one of the easy online image compressors allowing maximum file size of 20 images. TinyPNG is easy to use, and you refresh the page to upload more. Types of files- JPEG, JPG, PNG and others. TinyPNG is the oldest free image compressor software, helping photographers to compress images. The software is a helpful tool for you to shrink images for an app or store sites.

Another exciting thing about this software is, you can send 20 images all at once, and each image size reaches a maximum of 5MB.

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Fast & efficient image compression application online – Optmize JPEG, PNG, GIF and WEBP

With, you can upload a maximum file size of 10MB. The tool has the ability to concise the image and removes up to 90% of the original size. There is no drop in the quality of the image after compressing. The process of using is simple to use. The manipulation is simply dragging and dropping the wanted picture.

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5.   Optimizilla

Optimizilla Online Image Optimizer

Optimizilla manages to reproduce a high quality of image using the lowest file size possible. With this resize image online tool, you can compress both JPEG and PNG photos. The device also features a slider which shows the before and after version of the picture. It allows you to get the complete preview of the image before uploading.

Optimizilla is the best tool for batch processing. Moreover, the tool allows you to upload up to 20 images. However, the software only works on JPEG and PNG files.

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6.  Image2go

Online Image Compressors - IMG2GO Free Online Image Converter
IMG2GO Free Online Image Converter with lot of other facilities

Image2go is an easy image processor website allowing editing and converting image. With this tool, you can edit image, improve image, and convert from & image into different files. The tool enables compressing and converting common raster and vector image formats. The site is easy to edit and manipulate images using animation.

Image2go has different tools including- resize image, compress image, rotate image, etc. The tool is entirely free to use.

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Kraken Free Online Image Optimizer for
Kraken Free Online Image Optimizer

Kraken is the best online image compressor allowing bulk images to optimize, irrespective of the format. The tool optimizes your files for the lowest size version of the image you input. You can later download the compressed photos one at the time or in the zip format. software allows you to export files to Dropbox from Box, Dropbox or Google drive. The free version will enable users to compress photo files up to 32 MB each in size.

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8.  ImageRecycle

Image Recycle – Image and PDF Compression for Online

Available for the 15-day trial, ImageRecycle, one of the best online image compressors, is easy to use and comes with the combination of drag and drop. When it comes to features, ImageRecycle is quit user-friendly providing API and free sub-accounts. Furthermore, the user can also enjoy one month of media backup and restoration.

ImageRecycle has WordPress plugin, Shopify app, Joomla Extension and Magento Extension.

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9.  CompressNow

Compressnow – Help to reduce weight of Images.

CompressNow is yet another easy tool to use optimization, allowing bulk upload. You can simply upload JPEG, PNG and GIF format, along with the setting up the compression percentage for the image.

CompressNow allows you to drag and drop up to 10 images at a time. However, it applied one optimization level in all photos.

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10.  Trimage

Trimage Compressor for lossessly png and jpg files for web.

Trimage is best for Linux users for removing EXIF and Metadata from images. It is the best PNG compressor tool and keeps the quality of the image high. Imageoptim inspired Trimage, and all images are compressed on the highest level possible.

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11.  Reduce Images

Reduce Images – Resize and compress images online

The best pick among online image compressor, Reduce Images comes in both free and premium version. In the free version, the user doesn’t have to perform any significant task except uploading, resizing and compressing. Reduce Images supports image compression to different formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF

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12.  GiftofSpeed

GiftOfSpeed – Page Speed Image Compressor – PNG, JPG GZIP Compressions tests

GiftofSpeed offers a host of compression tools helping to reduce the size of the PNG and JPEG. The tool applied multiple image compression techniques to minimize the size of the file. One of the best things about GiftofSpeed is it allows you to resize images for greater performance. However, one negative point of this tool is you can upload multiple fields for PNG compressor.

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13.  JPEGmini

Reduce image file size without loosing the quality - JPEG image compressor
Reduce image file size without loosing the quality – JPEG image compressor

JPEGmini yet another image compressor software helps you shrink images as per your need. The tool has a better interface and features. You can also upgrade to the Pro Version.

Even after shrinking the image, the quality does not go down, and you can easily upload the image on the site.

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14.  Convert image

Convert your images with compress images as JPEG / JPG

Convert image is the next in the line that helps in converting JPEG images easily. This image optimization tool allows converting JPEG images into any format, including PNG, GIF and ICO.

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15.  PNGGauntlet

PNGGauntlet – Best PNG Images compression for Speed up your site.

PNGGauntlet works best in PNG compressor, and the downloadable software combines with multiple compressors like PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DeflOpt. The image quality will not get affected after shrinking. You can convert and compress JPG, TIFF and BMP files.

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Like these, there are many more online image compressors to optimize images for your website and social media. You can use any of these tools available in both paid and free version. No matter what tool you use for the optimization purpose, the ultimate goal is to make your website load faster. So which tool you are using, let us know in the comment section.

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