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Top 15 Anti Smoking Advertisements

Advertising is one of the primary markets for graphic designers. Strong advertising campaigns use eye-catching designs to gain the audience’s attention.Anti smoking advertisements have produced some of the most influential designs in this field. Companies around the world rely on designers to produce visually impacting and memorable product advertisements.

Advertising differs from other forms of design it incorporates a number of different images into one design. Client’s will want to see their product alongside their logo and company image as well as other details. Manipulating results to match the color scheme, subject matter and target market are essential skills for any designer. Looking at successful work and strong campaigns are great ways to gain design inspiration.

Anti smoking advertisements have used these methods and ideas to produce designs that leap from their backgrounds. The designs remain with you long after you have turned the page. This is the key to a strong print advertisement.

Whether you are advertising deodorant or a local fun run, it is important to make your design unique and memorable. Anti smoking advertisements have been at there most successful when they have shocked their audience through great design.

In this post we have added the 15 best Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration.

Stay Away from Smoking - anti smoking images

Anti smoking advertisements for Women

Anti smoking advertisements for Men

Anti smoking advertisements - Tooth Effect and Mouth Cancer



Anti smoking ad concepts


Best quit smoking ads for inspiration

Anti Smoking Campaign Ads








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