Top 14 Online Learning Platforms for Creative and Tech Course

Online learning platforms are not new, and are the best educational gaining platform for professionals and students for creative and tech course. According to the report, the total market size of e-learning and online course is around $325 billion by 2025. In the year, when social distancing is followed strictly, and all educational institutes are shifting lectures into an online method, the demand for online learning has increased.

E-learning has become the most preferred option for both educators and learners to make the flow of education easy.  

These online tools let you:

  • Create an online course website or integrate with the existing one
  • Price and collect money for the course online
  • Undertake classes’ online-unlimited days
  • Upload videos, add assignments and quizzes

What are Online Learning Platforms?

Online learning platforms are types of Learning Management Systems, providing users with access to digital classes. These classes are similar to the offline courses; the only difference is the location. The instructor would give complete resources, including video, image, text and PDF files.

Both students and lecturers will need to install the respective software to get coaching done quickly. Online learning websites have a fully responsive website, easy content upload and certificates on course completion.

Let us now check the top 14 online learning platforms for tech and creative learning purpose-

1.   Coursera

Coursera Online Learning Platforms
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Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms providing a massive database of online courses. All the education services are open for registered users. Created in 2012, presently, Coursera has more than 23 million registered users with 1600 online courses in dozens of fields. Furthermore, there are more than 1150 free of charge courses. The online learning platform has collaborated with universities and organizations to collect resources and tailor it according to market trends.

Every class-oriented by Coursera has useful resources and carries materials like videos for better understanding. There are 8 different languages for learning, including- Spanish, French, Russia, English, etc. The Coursera learning platform is designed for both students, lecturers and organizations. Some of the top courses are- Machine Learning, The Science of Well-Being, English for Career Development, and others.

2.   edX

edx online learning platform
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If you are looking for an e-learning platform for professional certification, then edX is the best site to register at. edX has roots to Harvard and MIT, so you get lecturers from top universities. The platform is wholly focused on hardcore academics. The platform offers XSeries Programs, allowing you to go deeper into the subject and provide around 100 professional certificate courses dealing with front-end development, corporate, AI, etc.

Since edX is one of the leading online learning platforms, users experience low-tech compared to some of the others, but instructors are apparent. For example, you can take a course on front-end development from a Harvard professor. edX offers a range of educational content free. However, for certification, you will need to pay. You can check for course fees for different courses offered by the platform.

3.   PluralSight

Pluralsight online learning platform
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PluralSight does not have the accreditation with the educational institution. However, the platform gained an excellent reputation with top companies. This means, any course certificate you earn from this e-learning platform, you will have a good chance of getting a job from top companies. If you are keen on taking up a course on Microsoft, then you are benefited because PluralSight has a partnership with Microsoft Azure.

When it comes to pricing, PluralSight has both monthly and annual pricing plans. There are two types of plans-

  • Personal Plans– It comprises of several essential learning paths, course library, certificates, exercise files, etc.
  • Premium Plans– Under this, you will get features of personal plans of interactive courses, certification practice exams and projects.

At PluralSight, you can use a free trial before you register and audit classes on your mobile. Furthermore, you will get complete technical support from experts in real-time. Some of the courses offered are- Java-related courses, Pattern Design, C++ Programming.

4.   Udacity

Udacity online learning platform
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Udacity is indeed one of the top learning online platforms and has a partnership with tech giants like Google, and offers cutting-edge topics like deep learning, machine learning, self-driving cars, etc. Udacity’s Nanodegree programs provide learners having focused coursework developed by different industry partners.

As a learner, you will also get Google Analytics Nanodegree presented in collaboration with Google. Since Udacity has partnership Google, you will get certified Google lecturers. Similarly, Sebastian Thrun trains Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree.

5.   SkillShare

SkillShare Online Learning Platform
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Created by Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprakorn, in 2010, SkillShare is one of the leading online learning platforms. Started with just 15 courses, the platform presently has more than 15,000 online courses, including photography, business, languages, etc. There are around 5 million registered students. The platform is completely dedicated to those professionals and students wanting to improve their existing skills. Every course available on the platform is under subscription, and students can enjoy an interactive learning session.

SkillShare offers free membership under which students can browse for different limited courses. The paid membership is for $9.95 per month. Some of the notable instructors in Skill Share’s are Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki.

6.   Thinkific

Thinkfic Online Learning Platform
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The ultimate goal and mission of this outstanding site is to power the education empire. Thinkific is only of the online learning platforms that set with robust, user-friendly accessible features, with marketing tools, a membership site for easy integration of the lessons, and a customer care service that will be at your service 24*7. Not only can you get to learn various online courses, but you also can create and sell your classes online. Thinkific gives you free signup and a one-month trial for free to use their pro plan.

Apart from that, it gives out memberships, an advanced pricing choice, and certifications on your respective courses, landing pages, and various tools. So, create and learn through Thinkific at $49 per month.

7.   Teachable 

Teachable Online Learning Platform
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One of the best-known online learning platforms in the world, Teachable qualifies for giving a superior e-learning experience. After creating a free account with the Teachable platform, you get to connect, share and learn from over 22,000 other instructors and teachers around the world that tends to make a surreal teaching environment for the learners. The users can go for the online free courses in the platform with $1 + $0.10 for every payment or else can choose from the three plans starting from $29 per month to even $3999 per month.

 Apart from all the benefits, the best known is the Professional program that gives you exquisite courses at $79 per month. Teachable also provides the learners with a complete certificate, graded quizzes, theme customizations, and five admin user facilities.

8.   Kajabi 

Kajabi Online Learning Platform
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Kajabi is regarded as the high-powered online learning platform providing in-depth courses for better understanding. The platform gives the users to tally through various site themes, marketing automation, digital products, blogging functions, and upsells. The plans that are provided by the platform might seem a bit expensive but are surely worth every penny spent on the courses. Plans are starting from $199 per month range to $275 per month with a 20% annual discount on the prices.

Kajabi serves to more than 16,000 businesses and educated millions with their courses. The basic plan gives you one website with three products, and pipelines and uninitiated landing pages with marketing emails. It also gives you 1,000 members along with 10,000 contacts, to start. The higher the plan taken by the user, the higher the products received.

9.   LearnDash

LearnDash online learning platform
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One of the impressive and smoothest online learning platforms that you can find, which also integrates with WordPress. Many big websites prefer LearnDash, such as Yoast, University of Michigan, WP Elevation as well as Infusionsoft. The best thing about learning from this platform that it has a unique feature, “Focus Mode,” that tends to block out every distraction that might hamper a student while the learning session. The Gradebook tech of the platform is of another level, which gives the student an overall score based on their quiz, homework, and weightage average provided by every teacher, after which learners are awarded with badges and certificates.

LearnDash is the best option for both students and teachers looking for a great learning experience and sharpen their skills.

10.   Ruzuku

Ruzuku Online Learning Platform
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The e-learning platform provides the learners with a step-by-step guided online course with their various tools along with PDFs and the text in minute services. Ruzuku is said to be one of the highest-grossing online learning platforms where users can create quick learning outlines, edit or reorder the steps quickly, even launch your course. And get a chance to generate generous sales in minimal time. The online platform of Ruzuku integrates with big-head tools like MailChimp and Infusionsoft.

The payment option in the platform is made easy and safe with Stripe and PayPal with any extra transaction fee. Learners and teachers can get started with the fourteen days free plan given by Ruzuku and, after that, can select from various plans starting from $74.75 per month. Experience a wonderful learning world or get your money back in thirty days.

11.  LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Online Learning Platform
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LinkedIn Learning is regarded as one of the best online learning platforms suited for business professionals. The platform provides learners with over 1,000 business courses on various topics and project management, along with web development, and even digital marketing. LinkedIn Learning is the best place to be for a business professional to keep up with their skills and learnings.

They also give a chance for an improved LinkedIn resume profile of your account with e-certificates of courses along with the achievements. The charges of this platform can start from $24/ month if you go for an annual package or $29.99 per month if you pay per month according to your preference.

12. Learnworlds

LearnWorlds Online Learning Platforms
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The future of e-learning got innovative with the Learnworlds, which is regarded as one of the best online learning platforms of the industry. The platform tends to give their learners and users a premium and interactive learning experience with their plans, starting from just $24 per month. One can not only learn but also can create and sell their online courses to a broader and larger audience. Learnworlds is the top online build-up classes and genuine experience.

 Learnworlds is also preferable for teachers who want to experience student engagement through interactive courses. This is also the best choice for having an interactive learning world, questionnaires, quizzes, tests, and various other engaging elements.

13.   Udemy

Udemy Online Learning Platforms
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One of the prominent online learning platforms, Udemy is California-based Company having more than $48 million funding, and intends to make the online learning practice engaging. This technology platform allows instructors to plan, design and produce videos including how-to-instruction. Udemy doesn’t targets one, but many markets helping instructors to connect with professionals and students from different industries.

Presently, Udemy has more than 20,000 video instruction courses and more than 10,000 instructors with 1,000 new courses. Most of these courses are free, but others are priced less than $200.

14.   BitDegree

BitDegree Online Learning Platforms
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BitDegree is yet another one of the leading online learning platforms for professionals and students. It has video courses, free certification courses, tutorials, and others. BitDegree offers micro-scholarships to bring together learners who look for financial assistance and global education. There are multiple courses one can take up which includes- web development, data scientist, digital marketing, game development, app development, etc. There are more than 5 lac registered students with BitDegree.

In 2020, BitDegree received global champion in the Education & Learning award by the World Summit. This helped BitDegree to push the envelope ahead to attract more instructors and students.


These top 14 online learning platforms are designed to give handy education for students and working professionals, especially during social distancing period. For those who want to improve their skill, then enrolling to courses offered by any of these platforms will be beneficial.

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