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Top 10 WordPress plugins to keep you talking

This article will help you decide the best live chat WordPress plugin that will allow you to interact with your readers.

Formilla Live chat

This is the free WordPress live chat plugin. This plugin will allow you to talk to your readers and answer questions that everyone can see. You can also customize this banner to suit the look of your website.


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Free Live Chat Software by HelpOnClick

This live chat plugin will allow real time chat with your readers. While you are both online, you can talk about the content of your website. The installation is easy and not only does this software give you control but it also allows your readers to ask questions about your product that needs to be answers immediately and gives them the help they deserve.


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WP Live Chat Support

This Live chat plugin is free to download and is ideal for small businesses. It is fully functions and helps increase your conversation rates. This plugin is advertisement and link free which is always a nice bonus.


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This plugin is ideal for social networking and community sites. iFlyChat is unique because it allows users to chat privately as well as in a group. It is ideal for dating sites. The conversations are stored and can be viewed at a later stage.


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Community Chat

This WordPress live chat was designed for community chats but it can also be used for customer service live chats. It’s simple to use and has a number of ways in which you can customise it which makes it more appealing to your clients.


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Wise Chat

Wise Chat allows users to stay anonymous which makes this plugin ideal for websites that specialise in personal advice. It is easy to install and it is free. It is fully responsive which means it can be used on any device including smartphones.


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My Live Chat

This plugin is absolutely free. There is a help button if users need help understanding how to use this plugin. You can analyse all web activities as well as what key words they are looking for.


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Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Is your website linked to your Facebook page? If so, you can now add a plugin to your website and chat to your readers from your website whilst being linked to your Facebook page. A promotional page comes with it which allows you to showcase new arrivals and products. Encourage your readers to communicate with you today using Facebook Live Chat for WordPress!


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Awesome Live Chat

The set up for this plugin is completely in your hands. Awesome Live Chat will provide your customers immediate support from your side which in turn will increase their service satisfaction and potentially increase your number of customers. It has a clean design and can be customize.


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Leap- WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Leap has an analistic page whereby you can get the details of your customers such as their locations and which operator they were assigned to. There are more than 600 fonts you can choose for this live chat as well as set up a contact form.


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Communication is king when it comes to keeping your customers happy. These Live Chat Plugins will allow you to take your website to the next level and allow your customers to communicate to you directly with regards to your work and products.

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