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Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow

If you are a digital marketer, doing a lot of work on the internet for yourself or your company, then you know how difficult it is to get better views and traffic. In that case, you need to really follow a few blogs which will truly help you with better traffic, and more sales. There are a list of blogs online which can help you immensely in finding better digital technology, and you would love the details these blogs provide to get more attention drawn towards your page or site, and learn the little tips and tricks that can make you get an extra mile ahead.

Nowadays there are many people who might think they know everything about digital marketing, but to be truthful, most people do not know. The blogs written about here are by the people who are experts in the field and have a very good grasp about what works and what does not.

Copyblogger –  Digital Marketing Blog

Copy Blogger - Content and Digital Marketing Blog

Copy blogger Digital Marketing Blogger – Need to make cool content for your blog? Well, the best way to do that is through Copyblogger, which can provide you with the latest trends and the best content.

Jon Loomer –

Jon Loomer Facebook Marketer

Jon Loomer – if you are a Facebook marketer and you do not know of Jon Loomer, then you have missed out considerably on digital marketing. This guy knows what he is doing, and he can help you get a boost within days!

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout Digital Marketing for Blogs

Quick Sprout – Author Neil Patel is the man behind three separate technology startup, which has given him the insights required to inspire others and help make creative posts to engage people.

Sales Lion

The Sales Lion Content Marketing

Sales Lion – Sales Lion is your ultimate sales generation blog page. The owner of this page started off his pool installation business, and learned about how to generate sales the hard way – by making errors and then fixing them. Sales Lion is a great guide to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullars - Digital and Content Marketing

Jeff Bullas – Jeff Bullas provides a number of different things for everyday work. From content marketing to fixing your SEO issues, he has something to say about the different aspects of marketing, and his blog is extremely useful.

Digital Marketing Technology Blog

Marketing Technology Blog

Marketing Technology Blog – Written by a team of eleven bloggers, this blog has serious potentials when it comes to doing research and getting some serious traffic. They literally will take every step to increase page views and generate leads.

TopRank Blog

TopRank Blog - Online Marketing

TopRank Blog – One of the oldest blogs about content marketing and digital marketing, TopRank blog is a fantastic portal for those who are looking to grow their blog’s reach through different media, and wants to know more about page ranking and content marketing.

Convince & Convert

Convince and convert marketing blog

Convince & Convert – Jay Baer writes about the numerous ways you can convince the traffic you receive into generating sales. This blog is all about social media management, as well as content marketing and its different aspects.


Schaefer Marketing Social Media Humanity

Grow – Need to make your business grow? Then you need to check out this particular site, especially the super amazing blog which can help you quickly about the different aspects of digital marketing.


Razor Social Media Marketing

RazorSocial – If you want quick growth for your Facebook page, or you want your social media page to go viral, this is the page to follow. The author keeps on updating about cool tools you can use to improve your social media marketing, or how to manage social media.

These Top Digital Marketing Blogs are extremely helpful and can increase your digital marketing knowledge considerably. The content there is insightful and can provide you with new ideas which are easily applicable. You can use them to generate better traffic, and convert them into sales.

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