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The Verdict : WordPress CMS vs Drupal CMS

WordPress CMS vs Drupal CMS – which one is the best?

Wordpress CMS vs Drupal CMS

Each of these content management systems (CMS) is fairly popular, but which one is the best? Here, we take a look at both of them and compare their good points and bad points side-by-side. We will look at each one’s ease of use, theme availability, technical aspects, and what each CMS is designed to do.

The Basics: WordPress CMS

WordPress, an open-source blogging platform developed by WordPress.org, became very popular, and now holds the dominant position as the most widespread blogging platform in the world. WordPress is designed to be easy to use, which may be one reason it is so popular.

Once you get the hang of it, using the WordPress CMS becomes second nature. Developers who create plugins, themes, and tools for this platform also make their add-ons easy to use. Someone who has never built a website before can be up and running with a blog in an hour or less.

The Basics: Drupal CMS

Compared to WordPress, the Drupal CMS has a much more complicated interface. It has many more features and screens, some of which are very technical. Though it is becoming easier to use with time, Drupal’s confusing administrative panel has turned many non-technical users away.

Developers, or those who are not afraid of technical screens, may fare better with Drupal. Unlike WordPress, which is primarily a blogging platform, Drupal organises information into “blocks,” which gives users more control over how to display their content. Though technical, it is a flexible CMS that is often used by developers who create websites for businesses or larger organisations.

WordPress Themes

Since WordPress is so popular, there are many more people who develop themes for the blogging platform. WordPress.com offers many free and premium WordPress themes, as well as free or paid WordPress web hosting. Independent websites and developers also produce many free and premium WordPress themes for this popular CMS, and new ones are always being released.

Drupal Themes

The Drupal website offers a large number of free themes, and a quick web search reveals a large number for download. But since Drupal is much less popular than WordPress, there are fewer Professional Drupal Themes available. Probably because Drupal has a much smaller market, there are many more professional designers who design WordPress themes than Drupal. Also, free WordPress themes tend to integrate flashy features, such as sliders, customisable galleries, and social media connectivity, while Drupal themes typically do not.

The Technical Side of Things

As mentioned, Drupal is more technical, but it is also more flexible. It is easy for developers to manipulate, and Drupal is capable of producing larger websites with many features, taxonomies, and categories of content. Configuration of the CMS’s computational operations, such as Drupal web hosting and server load, is integrated into the interface. On the other hand, if you are not a developer, then installation, setting up Drupal web hosting, and configuring the technical aspects of the CMS may be too difficult.

WordPress web hosting, installation, and configuration often automated with scripts, so most users need not worry about any technical details. Self-installation is also fairly easy for those who understand how to use FTP and can set up a database. And while WordPress has a few plug-ins that can add custom post types, new taxonomies, and other complexities, it is less flexible than Drupal and does not handle large installations as well as Drupal.

The Verdict

So which one is better? That depends on your needs. If you are a non-technical user looking for a basic blog or small website, WordPress is easy to set up, use, and maintain. But if you need a larger site with lots of content, and if you are willing to learn some technical information, then Drupal is the way to go.

Do you agree or disagree? If you have experience with Drupal and WordPress, then tell us your verdict.


WordPress CMS vs Drupal CMS – which one is the best?

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