The top 7 WordPress Optimised Webhosts Worldwide

After long research, this article will help you choose the best WordPress Optimised Web Hosting services from around the world.

WordPress Optimised Webhosts for speed up your website loading time!

WordPress Optimised Webhosts service from SitegroundSiteGround

SiteGround, has been voted the number one web host worldwide. It comes with a 24/7 support structure as well as promises latest speed technologies. They constantly are updating their programs which results in you as a customer getting the best possible host which will in turn make your customers happy. You get what you pay for! There is no downside to this astonishing web host.

If you are in UK, USA, Europe or Worldwide you will get best price for WordPress Web hosting from Site Ground

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DreamHostPopular WordPress Optimised Webhosts service - Dream Host

DreamHost, is a great host and provides services, and performances that are good for other websites. I cannot justify the price differential for what I am getting. This host did not do enough for me. This web hosting is expensive to buy is not always updated, they also do not have a lot of features.

Get lot of  featured web hosting and easy to use award winning platform for your WordPress Site

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HostGatorAn affordable WordPress Optimised Webhosts from HostGator

HostGator, from a price point of few, this host impressed me. You got what you paid for. The set up process, backed and performance of HostGator was amazing. They there are different plus and minus points for this provider. On the plus side it is easy to use, user-friendly and is affordable. The minus points, however are people do not always get answers on problems they are having as well as this host can be slow at times. You are going to need to determine which is better for your specific needs.

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Bets WordPress Optimised Webhosts from WP EngineWP Engine

WP Engine provides good service and is more than good enough to handle a new or growing WordPress site. I would choose this provider for a beginner as it is easy to use and can be used worldwide. Only problem with this webhost is you cannot do that many advanced coding on the sites. It is also priced right.

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There are other hosts that you can use to support your WordPress website such as:

WordPress Hosting from iPageiPage

iPage, which is reliable, comes with many features and is great value for money. It is easy to work with. The cons of this site however is the fact that works best with Apple products a not so well with other products.

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WordPress Hosting from idea hostIdea host

Idea host is a great WordPress host. It is very fast and reliable however does not have all the features I would like from a host.

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HostClear WordPress HostingHostClear

HostClear is a host to watch out for. It does not cost a lot of money to use and is a great choice if you are new at blogging. I believe that this host will take over one day.

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WordPress Hosting from just hostJust Host

Just Host is quick, reliable and extremely popular. There are not that many features on this web hosting service, however it can be used worldwide which is a bonus if you are travelling.

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To conclude, if I had to rank the providers above, I would put them in the following order: First place goes to SiteGround. Second place goes to WP Engine and third place goes to HostGator. The rest will follow suit.

These 3 are the best because they tick all the right boxes and they are user-friendly. It is very important for me to feel like you have gotten what you paid for and these 3 providers will make you feel that way.

And there you have it. The top 7 web hosting providers for WordPress than can be found worldwide.

Feel free and share your comments below, based on your hosting experience. 

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