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The top 7 Recommended Premium Fonts to make your Work Stand Out – Vol 1

Premium Fonts – Volume 1

Free fonts are always great to start out on but when your business becomes serious and you take on a big project, these premium fonts will help your work stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it does pay to put some money into the design of your work.

Fibon Neue Family

This font is legible and is great for both print and display. It is ideal for those writers who wish to add more of a modern touch to their work. It is best suited for logotypes, books, shops and magazines.

fibon neue family

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Texta is a contemporary, transparent and useful Sans which composes all kinds of texts. There is an Alt version that replaces lower cases with geometric construction.


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Manifold CF Sans Serif Font Family

This font family contains 6 font weights and italics for each. It is a versatile font that can be used in any situation. This font is represented by the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets as well as the OpenType features.


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This font design has become a classic font named after Adrian Frutiger. His font was used in the Charles De Gaulle airport near Paris in 1975.


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This font was designed by Rebecca Hurst and has become part of the Sans Serif font family. It is a powerful font for experienced designers and has extensive Latin language support.


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Camilla is a delicate Didone typeface that was inspired by elegance, femininity and is based on Coco Chanel. It lacks teardrop terminals and comes with 7 weights, 426 characters and supports 206 different languages.


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Jos Buivenga and Martin Majoor designed this font and was published by The Questa Project. It comes with 8 OpenType features such as Lining Figures and Standard Figures. Questa comes with multiple weights, has 4 families and has good Latin language support.


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And there you have it, 7 outstanding Premium Fonts that will make your work unique and professional.


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