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The top 10 SASS tool for any modern web design

SASS is the most widely used CSS pre-processor. It stabilises and boosts a large community of supporters. Here are some SASS tools for any modern web design done today. See below the Top 10 SASS tools.

Sassmeister- The top SASS playground

SASS playground allows you to drip your baby toe into the pool and play around a bit before jumping in. It is more stable and up to date with the latest SASS version. There are a lot of ready to use SASS libraries such as Bourbon. Sassmeister has those libraries loaded for you already. The one thing that makes this tool so special is the fact that you can generate CSS into different formats such as nested, compressed or compact.

Top 10 SASS tool- Sassmeister Saas Tool CSS


Scout- Simple App to convert .scss to.css

Scout to the rescue! It comes with a self contained Ruby environment and brings SASS and compress to Windows and MAC in just 2 minutes. This tool ensures that the web designer focuses on the actual design of the website and not so much the technical stuff.

It is a cross platform open source application which means that it runs both SASS and Compress. It does what it is meant to do, convert .scss to .css files.

TheSASSWay- SASS information Source

Top 10 SASS tool - Sassway - Sass Tool

Thesassway.com will become your new best friend as it is a way for you to stay up to date with the latest and greatest news about SASS. It gives you the best of both worlds for both a beginner as well as a professional.

It is regularly updated and is an opening publishing platform which accepts articles from the SASS community. You can follow it on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe for updates.


Bourbon- SASS Mixins Library

Mixins gives SASS all the powers that it needs. It is a group of style rules that can be used throughout a project. If you are working on a few projects simultaneously, Mixins will help the most especially when you do the same things over and over and over again.

If you are looking for ready to use SASS mixins, then you need to get Bourbon. It is not even a question! It comes with animations, backgrounds, Flexbox, fonts and more.

Compass- Best CSS Authorising Framework

Compass can be called the extension for SASS. It has all the powers that SASS has and comes with ready to use mixins, functions and other utilities that can be useful for your website.

You need to get Compass Ruby Gem installed on your system to use the framework. There are many extensions built on top of Compass such as Qutation Marks and Sassy Buttons.



Bourbon Neat- Grids Framework on SASS

Creating responsive websites should be your top priority when it comes to making a modern website. Bootstrap and Foundation are two of the most used layouts to make a website responsive.

Bourbon Net secures its place amongst the top 10 tools for simple to use; clean mark-up can create any kind of responsive layout in a shorter time period.

Bourbon Neat


Bootstrap SASS- old wine in new bottle

Bootstrap is a framework that is ready to use. This means that you do not have to do anything with SASS unless you plan to customise the source depending on the project at hand. If you want to customise then all you need to do is get the source .scss and include, exclude or change the source how you want to. Make something unique with less hassle and fuss.

Bootstrap Sass


SUSY- the big daddy of grids

Susy gives you the opportunity to create grids in your hands. There are no ready to use grids, so you can create them and customise them to suit your exact needs. Best part is, Susy does the maths for you.

You can save the grids and use them for another day or on another project.



Breakpoints- essential Mixins library for Responsive Websites

It is all very well talking about all these points however we are forgetting about one crucial aspect. Social media.

Breakpoints are the mixins library that makes use of media queries in a simple way.

Breakpoint Sass


Koala- GUI based SASS compiler

This is an application for compiling SASS and other pre-processors. It is open source and free to use. You can download and install it on MAC, Linux of Windows.

To conclude, there are many SASS tools on the market, paid as well as free to use. It depends on your expertise and project needs, when it comes to choosing the right tools. Choose wisely and take your time.




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