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The best Javascript Carousel Plugins

Using horizontal panels or carousels is a very effective method to increase your website usability. It also helps to keep the user interested in your website. This trend has come about because of the arrival of jQuery Carousel Plugins. These plugins allow your readers visible access to content items easier and quicker such as videos, images and more. They often have a lot of functions and offer several different options when it comes to customisation.


Scales with the container, fully responsive and comes with separate settings per breaking point. It uses CSS3 when it is available but it is fully functional when it is not present. It’s fully accessible with arrow key navigation and has auto play.

Slick Carousel

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This plugin is fully responsive by default. You can scale down your images as well as animations with this jQuery Carousel plugin.


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Cool Carousel

All carousels on this site have been tested to work on FireFox and Chrome. They are created for your inspiration and creativity. It uses jQuery-library and the jQuery.carouFredSel-plugin.


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This plugin enhances HTML and CSS carousels with features such as scrolling, timers, keyboard events and more. They will also work to a degree without JavaScript enabled.


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This library is with Associates which focuses on performance, simplicity as well as touch.


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Owl Carousel 2

This plugin will allow you to create an amazing responsive slider that is Touch enabled.


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FilmRoll is a jQuery carousel which is 12kb minified. This allows it to focus on one item at a time by placing it in the centre view regardless of the sizes of the item.


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Client Testimonials Carousel

This plugin can easily be integrated into your website and will allow your viewers to see more feedback on your page.


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CSS3 Perspective Carousel

This simple and beautiful carousel is great for CSS3 files.


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This jQuery plugin has been designed to be extensible through other plugins. It has a small core however it comes with some very useful plugins.


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This plugin is a simple yet effective way to solve the endless loopable carousels for the mobile browser. It is memory conscious as it only uses 3 elements at any given time. It is bandwidth friendly as well.


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And there you have it, the future of jQuery Carousel Plugins.

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