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The Art of Illusions by: Tracy Lee Stum

Tracyleestum Animals Art

Tracy Lee Stum has been a street artist since 1998. People slowly got to know her work and she became a cultural ambassador for the Us Embassy. She now manages a team that run festival-level art projects. Tracey also conducts educational workshops for people who want to try their hand at 3D art.

In 2013 Tracy was part of the team which produced the ‘An Impossible Made Possible’ Honda advert. It won the Cannes Gold Lion award.

Tracy believes that passion is most important but hard work is really what drives the passion. She feels that hard work helps you stay focused on your goals.
Tracy’s process is simple: she has sketch books with lots of rough ideas on them. Once she has decided on a subject, she spends a few days sketching the image. The production of her art work can take anything from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on her project.

Her hardest projects are the ones that consist of a large team. Due to the fact she has to manage artists as well as do the work, it creates more work for the organising artist.
Tracy often gives advice to new artists. She will always say that you need to find a mentor and stay authentic. She is a strong believer that the world would like to know who you are as an artist and not who you copying.

Have a look at some of her art work that has taken the world by storm.

Tracy Lee Stum hand picked Illustrations

Skyscarper by tracy lee stum

Cups in the wall Tracy Lee Stum

Parachute art by Tracy Lee Stum

Game by tracyleestum

Venice Tracy Lee Stum

Starwars art by tracyleestum

Kingkong Art by Tracy Lee Stum

Kingkong Art by Tracy Lee Stum

Kingkong Art by Tracy Lee Stum

Airplane Tracy Lee Stum

Elephant by Tracy Lee Stum

Eagle Tracyleestum

Egypt by Trtacy Lee Stum Illustration

Neworlean Tracyleestum

Stairs by Trtacy Lee Stum Illustration

Door in the Road - Bookshop in the Door

India art by Tracy Lee Stum Illustration


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