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SVG Tutorials are a must for any Web Designer

Scalable Vector Graphics are a must have on any website. It is not enough to know that SVG files are preferred by web designers because they can be manipulated easily when it comes to scaling down the size to look good on any screen size. This article will help you see how amazing SVG files really are and how you can do astonishing things to these files even with text editor. Yes, you read right. So let’s have a look at the tutorials you need. Please keep in mind that SV files are not ideal for pixel management.

Responsive Icons 2.0

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Advantages of SVG

Responsive and CSS editable

One of the best features of SVG images are that they are almost totally independent from the tyranny of varying resolutions. This means that there will be no more late nights with burning eyes to get an image just right.

SVG Open Close Responsive Animated Menu

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HD resolution images will look amazing when it comes to SVG files. It will not matter how big or small the screen may be, the file will look astonishing.
SVG works extremely intuitively with CSS. One of the advantages of using CSS with SVG is that you can include the use of self-contained CSS within the image itself.

SVG files are better than images

Smaller than your usual JPG and PNG files, SVG will take up less space on the website. When it comes to downloading images, smaller is better because it is faster. Faster downloads will result in happier visitors. SVG files are part of the source code itself; therefore it bypasses the need for HTTP requests.

SVG Controls

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SVG files are even better than font icons

SVG is more adaptable when it comes to the choice of colour and sophistication of the icon design. The problem of font icons is that you are limited to only one colour and the inability to manipulate the font icons.

SVG images allow you to refine the granularity where it is needed without the requirement of font regeneration. That refinement process can be done quickly in a good quality text editing program.

Icon54 - SVG Vector Icons

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It is a step into the future

Technology is constantly growing and changing. Think about it, you buy the latest laptop or tablet and 2 weeks later and new one is out. It is the same with software. You cannot tell the future however as long as the worldwide web is under the constant vigilance of the W3C, it is a safe bet to say SVG is the way of the future. SVG is the boss of the web when it comes to vector graphics!

Where can you use them

If you think about all the visual elements on any website such as logos, icons, social media and more, you will begin to realise the importance of SVG files. SVG files remain sharp and defined. Sometimes you can be given a file whereby the quality is good and it will make no sense to sit and spend your time converting the file to an SVG file.

For graphs

SVG files are easy to manipulate so that you can see the statistical and kinetic graphical presentations better. Any image that requires vectors, is ideal for SVG files.


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For simple web based games

SVG can become a crucial element of the game design industry. The games that will benefit the most from SVG files are the games that focus more on the non-kinetic information as opposed to the games that focus on the quality of character animation.


Have a look at the tutorials listed below. There are tutorials for both beginner as well as advanced users.

To conclude, the advantages of using SVG are clever. The explosion in mobile apps is creating more possibilities for the need to display high quality images at a fast pace. What makes SVG files different from other files is that it does not matter what size screen or what device you are using to view the page, it will not affect the quality of the image or file.

So get out there and have some fun creating and using SVG files.

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