10 Plus Tools and Survey plugin for WordPress

Survey plugin for WordPress – is a plugins to create an amazing UX and feedback from users. WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys designed by developers fits well for any service-providing site. For a business, survey forms are the best way to collect information about the target audience. This polling method allows the company to know what customers need and how the business can be turned into customer-oriented.

Polling is one way of marketing your product or new service towards the target audience. In other terms, surveys serve as huge engaging factors. If you are running a WordPress website, then the best is to integrate surveys and analyse the data within the plugin. The best thing about these plugins is they integrate well with any WordPress themes.

Why do you need WordPress Survey Plugins?

Before we get into the list of plugins, let us first understand the need for these survey plugins. Surveys allow you to know what customers are looking from your business. This includes preference and interests as per the current trend. Moreover, adding surveys on your site can create user interaction and increase the engagement rate.

Furthermore, surveys allow you to promote and establish your site in an easy way. Thanks to WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys, the process of marketing is easy enabling you to stay in the competition.

We have listed down 10 plus WordPress tools and plugins for the online survey, which you can select and install the best for your site.

10 Plus WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys

1.   Everest Forms

survey plugin for wordpress

Everest Forms is one of the leading WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys, which not only helps in, create a contact form, but fun surveys. The drag and drop feature allows you to insert the field that you require effortlessly. Everest Forms is a premium version and comes with some unique features.

The premium version has survey polls, quiz Add-On, making the survey look creative, and with few clicks. The plugin allows with customization as per the requirement. There are three survey fields- Rating, Likert and Scale Rating.

Key Features:-

  • Checkbox, radio, and dropdown for survey fields
  • Adin reporting with pie charts
  • 3 survey fields: Rating, Likert and Scale Rating
  • 100% mobile responsive
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2.   Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel is a finely designed tool for WordPress sites to create polls and survey. The plugin allows for increasing the conversion rates by using the survey method. Survey Funnel allows generating quality leads by engaging visitors. The plugin will enable you to know your visitors’ location and the reason they want to visit your site. This, in turn, allows you to create offers and questions as per the visitors.

Key Features:-

  • Responsive Design
  • Conditional Logic
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Detailed Report
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3.   Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is one of the best and free WordPress tools and plugins for online survey allowing the user to create polls and surveys as per the business or product. This will allow you to know the interest of your audience.

In addition, to create polls, the plugin allows you to create fun quizzes and slideshows to keep viewers engaged. This process makes Opinion Stage the best WordPress Survey Plugin to try out.

Key Features:-

  • Offers options to create forms, surveys and polls
  • Filtration option for votes according to categories
  • View all details of the poll shares
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4.   Getsitecontrol

If you are looking for WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys carrying multi-pages, then Getsitecontrol is the best option. It allows easy online survey and poll form building using email signup, and contact forms. The best thing about this survey plugin is it allows you to place the poll on the website and share the link directly using social media link.

Key Features:-

  • Has extensive options of survey design
  • Perfect mobile poll plugin
  • Advanced targeting
  • Exit-Intent Survey
  • Real-Time Statistics
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5.   WP-Polls

This is yet another free plugin offering user-friendly features and easy to customise, WP-Polls leads ahead. Whether you want to create surveys right from scratch or from using pre-made templates, WP-Polls is the best option to go with. In the recent updates, the plugin started supporting multiple answers according to the preference.

WP-Polls carry clean and straightforward design, helping users to customize as per the polls you are conducting. The plugin also allows the user to add the poll or survey as a widget on the page, making it easier for the visitor to vote.

Key Features-

  • Highly customizable
  • Pre-made templates
  • Option to add a widget
  • Regular updates
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6.   WPForms

Why hire and pay a developer to create tools and plugins for a survey when you have readymade WPForms for WordPress. The tool allows you to create beautiful forms, feedback forms and other types within a minute. What makes this tool or plugin different from others is its completely mobile responsive design. Therefore, the way you create would look great in all device.

Key Features:-

  • SEO features
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Easy to design and customize
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7.   e-Form Builder

This premium tool for survey and polls carries advanced features for easy functionality. e-Form Builder allows the user to create fantastic feedback, survey and payment forms. This tool can be a significant factor to pull visitors to your site and participate on polls you started.

The plugin is fully customizable and supports WooCommerce, PayPal and other payment tools.

Key Features:-

  • Online demos to try out
  • Free, fast and reliable customer support
  • Heavily secure platform
  • No- Coding required
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8.   WordPress Survey and Poll

The WordPress Survey and Poll plugin carry RGB colour, helping to create designs that are worth for the survey. Polls automatically open up in the new window. You can even embed the vote with the link to open up. The plugin comes with a wide range of options to get information and display it with an impressive, animated graph and other aspects.

The cross-browser compatible feature makes the plugin to run on different browsers and platforms offering best visuals.

Key Features:-

  • Visual Builder with Live Preview
  • More than 30 animation features
  • Parallax Effect
  • Lock the Screen
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9.   Modal Survey

Modal Survey is yet another best tool for survey and polls offering options to create forms, survey and quizzes. You can create finely designed polls and quizzes having a feature-rich responsive design, which will increase the engagement.

The plugin also comes stunning progress bars, charts, pies and other options to use for the poll purpose. With having tons of customization options, you can rely on this plugin.

Key Features:-

  • Unlimited designs and options to create forms
  • Visual Builder for easy customization
  • Flexible and Highly Customizable
  • Rating systems
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10. YOP Polls

YOP Polls is one of the user-friendly WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys helping to integrate with the blog page. The theme allows running the poll schedule as per the audience. The user-friendly aspect of this plugin makes it worth to install. The plugin also allows user to limit the voting through Vote the Permission option.

Key Features:-

  • Options to add, create, and edit polls and forms
  • Schedule polls by setting the end and start of the poll
  • Ban unwanted spams and usernames
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11. RafflePress

RafflePress is yet another giveaway WordPress plugin for polls and surveys. The plugin is designed to make the survey simple and boost the online presence of your brand better. RafflePress plugin is finely designed with handy features and is easy to install. If you want to do the email marketing of your brand, then the plugin comes with social plugin for email marketing.

Key Features:-

  • Engagement Increaser
  • Data Visualization
  • Email Marketing Integration
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12. Crowdsignal

Previously known as Polldaddy, Crowdsignal is the popular WordPress plugin to use for surveys and plugins. Crowdignal is the WordPress product, so you will need to create a WordPress account to get the complete feature of this plugin.

Key Features:-

  • Reporting
  • Variety of Questions
  • Shareable
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13. Survey Anyplace

One of the most used WordPress tools and plugins for an online surveys, the Survey Anyplace allows user to create quizzes and assessment tests. The user is allowed to choose from the wide variety of questions types for feedback purpose. The user has the chance to select basic question logic-skip to ensure if not asking redundant questions. With Survey Anyplace, you can create any type of survey and polls.

Key Features:-

  • Timers and Leaderboards
  • 100% responsive
  • Slide Bars
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Wrapping it up

WordPress tools and plugins for online surveys carry all the essential features required to make the polls engaging and successful. It is best to do some good research before heading to install and start using plugins. The ultimate aim is to make users engaged, and you learn what your audience is looking for in your business.

Let us know in the comment section which survey and poll plugin you will like to install on your site.

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