Top 11 Essential Social Distancing Print Materials for your Business

Social Distancing Print Materials is a new needs for all the businesses around the world. The world has changed since the lockdown was set. From entrepreneurs to individuals, everyone is facing the heat of lockdown due to the Pandemic attack. The lockdown has severely affected businesses across the globe. However, taking precautionary measures is the norm that every business has to follow. This is why social distancing materials are becoming an essential part of every business.

From individuals to enterprises, everywhere taking precautionary measures is now the primary step. Visit any shop; you will now be asked to sanitize your hands, wear masks, and maintain social distance. This same is soon followed in every country, and probably will be a norm hereafter.

Since businesses are now opening up and with changes coming up in offering services, there is a massive requirement of social distancing essentials. Whether you are running a salon, fast-food restaurant, or departmental store- investing in social distancing materials and print essentials is essential. There are different materials or essentials, which a business can use for the safety of customers and employees

Let us now check the list of 11 social distancing print materials and print essentials you can buy for your store:

1. Hand Sanitiser Stations

Sanitiser is an essential part of staying hygiene and kill virus germs. Install hand sanitizer stations that can help protect your staff and customers from bacteria and viruses.

You will find both freestanding and wall-mounted hand sanitisers, which carries 70% of alcohol. Being a part of social distancing materials, these products range from 500l to 5 liters. Whether you want to install manual or automatic dispensers, you can order and get it fixed. If you want to install sanitiser for your corporate office, the corporate hand sanitiser is the best.

With the sleek aluminum design, this automatic infrared dispenser can be placed at the entrance of your office. With each station, you will also receive 70% alcohol sanitising gel-free.

Hand Sanitiser Station


  • Available in wall-mounted and freehand style
  • You can create your own signage design
  • Includes A3 poster printed with your design
  • Ideal to store at the reception desk
  • You will either 70% alcohol sanitising gel
  • Affordable social distancing print materials

2. Face Shields & Face Visors

Face shields are considered as the best way to protect against airborne viruses.

There are some airborne diseases spread through droplets and splashes of liquid. To help your customers to stay protected against the droplets, Solo Press offers face shields and face visors, which is not just economic, but also effective enough to fight against the diseases and best social distancing materials.

These products come with pre-assembled for your comfort and sponge headband. These shields and visors are ideal for employers working for long hours. You can place single order or bulk, which is up to 1,000 face shields. Investing in these social distancing materials is the best safety you can offer.

Face Shields and Face Visors

Features :

  • Adjustable plastic headband for a secured fit
  • Anti-fog treatment for all-day comfort and protect against liquids
  • Carries CE Mark to meet EU Regulations
  • All products are tested and approved by BSI and is perfect for healthcare workers
  • Low cost and high- quality full face shields
  • Can be used for custom print with our artwork

3. Social Distancing Floor Stickers

One of the strategies to break the chain of viruses is to break the chain and keep social distancing. If you have a store where customers keep visiting, it is quite difficult to ask them to maintain social distancing.

To help you with this, there are Social Distancing Floor Stickers, which you can stick throughout your premises. These stickers are the perfect way to help communicate your rules with customers so they adhere to it. At Solo Express, you will get pre-printed vinyl floor stickers having mentioned about the right distance to maintain.

You can even order custom printed social distancing prints for business created by easy-to-use templates. These are certainly the best social distancing materials to invest in the store’s credibility.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers


  • Available in rolls and strips
  • Pre-printed customised options
  • 150 x 1000m and 500 x 1000mm
  • No damage to floorings
  • Common for shops and supermarkets
  • Different Color and shape options
  • Hardwearing for high-volume footfall

4. Social Distancing Floor Tape

To break the chain of the virus, it is essential to keep social distancing materials at bay.

Whether you have a small shop or a big supermarket store, this social distancing floor tape is the best to stick to remind customers of maintaining social distance.

Different types of tapes can be used for the store. For large stores, 33m to 66m rolls that are durable for floor purposes. For a small shop area, you can use floor adhesive tape and vinyl floor strips that can stay for long.

Every strip and tape comes with a pre-printed message of safe distancing. Floor tapes are the best social distancing materials for different types of stores.

Social Distancing Floor Tape


  • Different dimensions available for every size store
  • Available in different sizes
  • Future- proofed with no specific distance mentioned
  • Use available designs and upload your own

5. Washable Face Masks

Governments across the world have made mandatory for every citizen to wear masks when stepping out.

However, masks are not just to fight against airborne diseases, but also to stay away from pollution. There are different types of reusable facemasks, which are medical-grade and preserved for healthcare workers.

These face protective masks are 100% polyester and are classed as non-medical or tested as PPE. These masks are perfect for employers to wear while attending customers. These reusable face-masks have filters placed between two layers of the mask and are the best social distancing materials.

Washable face masks social distancing


  • Hand stitched 100% polyester
  • Machine wash
  • Single and double layer mask
  • Non-medical and three protective mask styles
  • Filters our particles measuring 1/400th of millimetre

6. Clear Protective Roller Banners

If you are running a salon business, then to protect employees and customers against the spread of the virus is important, and keeping social distancing is important.

One way to protect is by installing Clear Protective Roller Banners made from PET, which is used for face shields and masks. There are different options from 0.8m to 1m wider banners and 2m tall.

These are transparent screens designed to stop the spread of airborne germs and viruses from each other. All roller banners are easy to assemble like other social distancing materials and turn it into two-part pole fitting into the top of the screen.

Clear Protective Roller Banners

7. Countertop Sneeze Guards

Solo Press offers Countertop Sneeze Guards made from corrugated plastic with a clear perspex screen. These guards are lightweight and allow easy transaction between customers and employers. These guards are certainly the best social distancing materials to invest.

Countertop Sneeze Guards

8. Social Distancing Hi-Vis Vests

These Hi-Vis Vests are designed to keep people in the distance. These social distancing materials are bright yellow with black piping, featuring two bands and brace reflective design.

Perfect for guards guarding your area, social distancing hi-vis vests are made with 100% polyester and are available in different sizes. These vests come with two different messages- “Please Stay 2 Metres Apart” and “Respect Social Distancing.” Isn’t these are perfect social distancing materials.

Social Distancing Hi-vis Vests

9. Back to Business Bundles

Since businesses were under the lockdown, they are now coming back to the field. People are waiting to see if businesses are open or not. To bring customers back to the store, Back to Business Bundles are the best social distancing materials. These bundle stickers come with different sizes and social distancing messages.

Back to business bundle

10. Cafe Barriers

One of the best social distancing materials, Cafe Barriers are ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs.

These barrier kits come with 0.94m high aluminum poles, 1m, and two long vinyl finishing. You can customize the barrier with your cafe name and colors as per your choice to make it eye-catchy. You can even use to designate seating and smoking areas, also in the queue area. These social distance prints for business are designed to withstand any weather conditions. If your cafe has huge customer in-flow then these Cafe Barriers are the best to install.

Cafe Barriers social distancing

11. Flyers & Leaflets

If you want to promote your business along with a social distancing message, then flyer & leaflet printing are the best social distancing materials. These are available in different sizes, styles, and paper quality. A well-designed leaflet can make a huge difference in building a relationship with clients.

You can select the paper size you want for the leaflet according to the content you want to write. If you create a flyer for door drops, then A5 and A6 size are perfect. So if you need social distance print for business, then flyers are best.

You can also check for gloss and silk leaflets for a high-quality look. You can customize the flyer and leaflet as per the content and social distancing message you want to add.

flyer & leaflet social distancing

Image Source- Solo Express

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