How to create an inspiring email design?

Using an effective email design to boost your business. Plus attract your audience.

Looking to boost sales conversion for your business? One of the most effective ways of doing this is to consider email marketing to inspire and attract your audience. Email design is the modern, tech-savvy and, dare we say it, easy way of converting sales.

Does email marketing work?

If done correctly, yes. The best email designs build a connection with your clients, inspiring them to trust your brand and become a customer. With emails being cost-effective, convenient and accessible to most, email marketing is the best way to attract an audience. To create the top email design, incorporate these simple elements which are designed to achieve the best sales conversion.

Personalised marketing – Email Design Best Practices

Would you bother reading something irrelevant to you when there are so many other emails to check? Tailoring your content to your audience is essential for converting sales.

Use names
Make a client feel special. The use of a name singles the person out as an individual rather than grouping them into an undefined group.

Know your audience
Find out what your client enjoys, why they signed up and what they are looking for. If you offer what they want, they will read on. Change your email design to suit the purpose.

Specific interests, hobbies and family life
A teenage gamer will be interested in new releases, add-on content and console sales. A retired couple may not.

Use colour

The best email designs are brought to life by colour. Consider if you want your colours to be bold, pastel, contrasting or complimenting and use them to inspire your target audience.

Colour associations
Greens, reds and yellows are associated with children whereas black and greys are more mature and sophisticated.

Use colours to match your product
If you’re selling vibrant hair dye or pastel skirts, make the colour of the words match to emphasise your point.

Colour block
Contrasting colours automatically attract the eye and stick in the mind.

Email Designs

Brand marketing

Create a simple but definitive logo and name for your company which creates an association in the reader’s mind.

Simple, definitive and recognisable. Nothing too complex or overbearing, just a modest icon which can be easily referred to, for example, Apple.

Use a name which is short and defines your brand, like EDF Energy.

Audience building activities
If you offer activities to inspire your audience, you will be more likely to convert these people to actual clients.

Everybody loves to win. Give them that chance.

These make you reader’s views feel valued while also providing you with essential analytical information.

Offer special discounts or gifts when you sign a friend up to complete your first order

Include social media links for the email to be liked, shared and re-tweeted
This keeps your brand circulating, boosts your reputation and provides the opportunity for expanding your audience.

Test your response

Run frequent tests to check the response of your emails and act on the feedback immediately.

  1. Are the emails too crowded?
  2. Are they sent too often/not enough?
  3. Do they correspond with your interests?

What is the most effective email design?

Simple, straight forward, bold, frequent and relevant. Catch the eye, attract the client and stay in their mind with regular and strong content. Use one image, not five. Use bold lettering to discern the height of importance. Create a simple brand which is easily remembered and not confused with others. Offer links or social media options to convert potential interest to generate sales conversion.

Essentially, connect with your customer and remain loyal to their interests and inbox.

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