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Group Halloween Costume Ideas – Hand picked collection for 2018

Halloween is right around the corner and with so many costume ideas out there, it might be hard to choose the best ones. I always like to go with a theme every year and my friends and I like to dress up together. In case you have not figures it out yet, Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and it is not only for kids, adults can play as well.

We have found a few of the perfect group Halloween costume ideas and in this article, we are going to share with you some of our best hits. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of ideas out there, these are only a few options. You can take your costume to the extreme or you can make it look like you tried your best. Either way, dress up, have fun and please do not forget to take a lot of pics… they can be used as blackmail at a wedding one day. If you like to use for

The three musketeers Group Halloween Costume

The- Three Musketeers Halloween Costume

This is still one of my favourite group Halloween costume ideas my friends have ever had! They dressed up as the three musketeers and paraded around the room like they were heroes who were waiting to save a damsel in distress.

The powerpuff girls

Sugar, spice and everything nice. These are the ingredients to create the perfect little girls… The powerpuff girls is an all-time favourite and they are characters that everyone will recognise at the party. You can spice it up a bit with adding a sexy little skirt or you can take the outfits literally and get the dresses from your local dress up shop. Everyone loves a spicy, sexy powerpuff girl.

Power rangers

Power rangers is a cool idea for a group Halloween costume theme as you can have female and male characters in this theme. Keep in mind the masks are going to be hot so make sure you have a backup mask to keep your identity a secret

Ghost busters

‘When there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Ghost busters!’ ghost busters can be done one of two ways: you can do the latest movie and make the ghost busters all females or you can do the old version where the ghost busters are males.

I would do a twist and I would do both men and women for this theme. It is always good to give everyone a chance to fight off those ghosts hidden in our closets.

Men in black

There is nothing sexier than men in black suits, nice shades and a fresh shave. If you guys choose to do this theme, you will have women wanting to date you and men who are going to want to be you. This is a costume theme you can never go wrong with. Make sure that you have a nice suit. This theme also won’t cost you a lot of money to pull off which is an added bonus.

SpongeBob square pants

Who doesn’t want to live under the sea for a night or two? A SpongeBob Square pants theme will give you and your group of friends a wide variety of characters to choose from. It is always fun to see who is going to choose who. It is best that you don’t all wear the same outfit so that you can have the whole gang going to your Halloween party. You are never too old to be Patrick Star, Sandy or SpongeBob himself.

Group Halloween Costume – The nightmare before Christmas 

How can you have a Halloween party without some nightmares amongst the group? This movie is a must watch over Halloween so why not take it a step further and turn the movie into a nightmarish reality? Trick or treat…

The Adams family group halloween ideas

The Adams Family is the ideal theme for your Halloween group costume idea! There are so many different people to choose from. Keep in mind that the smaller your group, the more intimate the characters should be so choose the main family which os Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsly and of course Morticia. A common favourite is always Uncle Fester and of course Cousin It.

The aliens from toy story

Grab yourself a funky hat and you are good to go! Keep in mind that you can put your own twist on these aliens so do not be afraid to change their colour or even put a modern, sexy twist on the look. Even if you go to the future with this look always remember that your leader is the CLAW!

Cow and chicken

‘Mamma had a chicken, mamma had a cow…’ Live out your childhood dream with becoming Cow and Chicken. You can even take it as far as Super Cow or even get your friends to be the mom and dad. You have never seen the parents faces so have some fun with it and create your very own unique Cow and Chicken parents. Make it something that everyone is going to remember for years to come!

Cosmo and Wanda

If you have green or pink hair then this is the group Halloween costume plan for you! Cosmo and Wanda are fun and dorky fairy odd parents who grants wishes to a certain Timmy Turner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to pull out your magic wand and grant wishes for your favourite drunk friends.

The minions

If you have green or pink hair then this is the group Halloween costume plan for you! Cosmo and Wanda are fun and dorky fairy odd parents who grants wishes to a certain Timmy Turner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to pull out your magic wand and grant wishes for your favourite drunk friends.


All you need a white or red hat, blue skin and a happy attitude and you are good to go! You need to sing your happy song loud and proud and soon you will have your very own Smurf Village who follows you around, dances and has a jolly old time. Just do yourself a favour and keep Grumpy out of the picture for this one, he can be a real downer when it comes to party time.


If you need an excuse to wear tight leather pants, heels and a revealing top, Grease is the way… put your own twist to the groups and make you very own leather jackets with your friend group name. Make sure you gel your hair just right and do not forget your curl… Go grease lightning!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an all-time favourite. Even though this is a great theme to do and there are so many people to choose from, make sure no-one else is doing your theme otherwise there are going to be too many of you wacking each other in the eyes with your swards and sticks.


A simple life is sometimes a better life. Shrek will let you live your simple life for one night this year. This is a group Halloween costume idea that is always going to make people laugh and you do not need to excuse yourself for bad behaviour.

The breakfast Club

The breakfast club is a theme that can suit any age. You can dress up as the people from the Movie which was made ages ago or you can dress up as the TV series. It would be a really cool idea if you take the theme song from the movie and play it at the party. I promise you and your friends will be the centre of attention at that party and you will not regret it.

Big Bang Theory

As Big Bang theory comes to an end this year, (very sad) it would be a really cool idea to dress up as the Big Bang Theory characters or you can even take it as far as dressing up as them when they are dressing up in the series. There are so many different Coz plays squeals that they do so you have got a wide verity to choose from.

Make sure you do not forget to wear tight pants, glasses, have a drink in your hand at all times to talk to girls and of course, learn random facts that no one really cares about or wants to know. BAZINGA!

As you can see these are just a few ideas that you can use to dress up for Halloween with your friends. Pay careful attention to detail. Make sure you get the clothes for the genre right as well as your hairstyle. Wigs do not cost a lot of money and they make the biggest difference! Make up is also something you should look at. You do not need to be a makeup artist but people will notice when you put effort into your costumes.

Check list to remember for your Group Halloween costume:

  • Agree on a common theme and everyone is comfortable with it.
  • Everyone has a different character to complete the overall look.
  • Correct hair and makeup for the theme that you have chosen.
  • Have fun living a life in costume and fairy tale.

We would love to hear from you guys. Let us know what you and your friends plan on dressing up as this year. Share your ideas and thoughts with us. Happy Halloween!


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