Best Outdoor Roller Banner System for Social Distancing guide and other outdoor promotions

Outdoor roller banner is the most and effective promotional setup you can have for events and business areas. If you visit any bar or any event, you will see a standee or outdoor roller banner having all the necessary information on what is in the store. These rollers are designed with appealing colors and graphics to make it look eye-catchy. These rollers are essential in business because they give a gist about the business event or the store. Many cafe owners put free-standing banners outdoor to display the menu or any specific event happening.  In other words, roller banners are portable marketing tools used for events and conferences.

There are different types of outdoor roller banners with different frames and designs to choose from. You can choose from a massive base banner to a pullup banner, you can choose from the options as per the requirement of the business.

Before you buy any outdoor roller banner, there are certain things you need to consider:


The quality of the banner is very much essential to ensure it withstands any climatic conditions. Moreover, the sheet used for the banner must be strong enough to stay for the long term and multiple usages.


Always go for the outdoor roller banner that is lighter in weight, flimsier, roller mechanism, and comfortable to stand. Generally, free-standing banners outdoor weigh around 3kg or more. It should be easy enough to carry around without weighing much.


Smaller companies or sole traders usually transport roller banners to use in different events. Larger companies often carry the same across the country. In case you do not want to transport from one place to another, the best is you can go for a heavy frame outdoor banner.

Frequency of use

You also need to consider the frequency the banner needs to be used. If you are using it for a regular basis, then you need a higher quality of the sheet. Some of the premium range of products has banners frequent change.

Let us check some of the best outdoor roller banners for social distancing and outdoor promotion:

1. Social Distancing Budget Roller

If you want to keep your customers reminded about the social distancing on their visit to your cafe, then this special budget outdoor roller banner is the best. It is perfect for short term applications to pass on the information about maintaining distance.

You can place this stand having high-quality print and is available in 80mm and 850mm width with 1 to 2m high. You can customize it as the message you want to convey and design you want to add. This banner can be an addition to your social distancing print materials for your shop. With 2m wide roller banner, you can place it outdoor or indoor space. These banners come with high-quality fade-resistant inks to ensure the message stays vibrant.

Social Distancing Outdoor Roller Banner

2. Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand

If you are looking for freestanding banners, then blizzard outdoor banner stands are best. Blizzard is designed for outdoor exhibitions where you will have high-traffic areas. This type of banner stands moulded base can be either water filled or filled with sand for stability. Pullup banners like these carry high-quality sheets and multiple features. Blizzard banner stand is extremely robust and has a simple design.

There are multiple features like:

  • Fully adjustable graphic height and width
  • Graphic supported on simple eyelet system
  • Weather resistant
Blizzard outdoor Banner Stand

3. Retractable Roll Up Banner

This retractable roll up outdoor roller banner features sleek design and polished end. If you are holding an exhibition, then this roller banner will give a professional look and great stability. This banner holds a 33″ X 80″ graphic, which can effortlessly be changed out within minutes. The best part of this banner is it can be assembles without much time.

The graphic designs are safely stored inside the anodized aluminum casing for future use. It comes with the telescope pole that allows the user to adjust banner as per the required height. A retractable roll up banner is perfect for the promotional purpose.

Retractable Roll Up Outdoor Banner

4. Telescopic Step & Repeat Banner Stand

If you are looking for a versatile outdoor roller banner, then the telescopic step & repeat stand is the best. It can be used for promotional events and presentations. You can utilize this banner stand for single and double-sided banners ranging from 52″- 95″ wide and 36″ – 96″ tall. It usually comes with 2 steel bases, adjustable aluminum poles, a Nylon travel bag, and hemmed edges.

Telescopic Outdoor Banner

5. Spring Back Banner Stand

Similar to telescopic outdoor roller banner or stand, spring back banner stand carries no base. It is usually a tripod-based structure that easily stands loosely by own. These stands are lightweight and are easy to ship from one place to another.

One of the benefits of using this freestanding banner is the user can change out the graphics simply by attaching different banner as per the event. You can print multiple stands to move from one event to another.

Spring Back Banner Stand

6. Cheap Roller Banner Stands

This type of outdoor roller banner or stand is quite larger than other options for trade shows and exhibitions. Be it the in-store event, exhibition or conference, pop up banner stand is easy to set up and carries dye-sublimation graphics for easy printing. These banner stands are best for all types of promotional events, including trade shows and press conferences.

The stretch fabric is made of heavy-duty, polyester fabric material called “dye-sub fabric.”  These are wrinkle-resistant banners allowing users to collapse the frame. Pop-up stands are also known as the heavy frame outdoor banner and are collapsible frame.

Pop Up Outdoor Banner Stands

7. Pull Up Banner Stand

Pullup banners are easy to set up for any events. You can place these stands outdoor with social distancing messages and promotions. These stands are also called roller banner stands and are 2 meters. This can be printed on one or two sides and are cheaper than other stands. For sales teams to hold an event or kiosks, these pull up banner stands are the best.

The simple, sleek, and vibrant display, this stand is quick to install. You can create eye-catchy and high-quality display meeting your display needs.

Social Distancing and outdoor promotion Pull Up Banner Stand - Heavy Base and Premium Quality Banners

8. Wide Roller Banner

If you are looking outdoor roller banner that can cover maximum message and takes extra space, then a wide roller banner is the best to use. The wide roller banner creates a visual impact and is portable enough to setup. The 2m wide roller banner comes with different width, including- 1, 1.2, or 1.5 meters, with the extra size dimensions giving your banner design. You can print on one side and message on the other, ensuring your design stands out for a larger display roller banner.

Wide Roller Outdoor Banner

9. PVC Banners

PVC Banners are yet other types of outdoor roller banner used for a promotional basis. If ordering it from the reputed dealer, you will find that these banners carry ultra-reinforced 300gsm banner material, which is weatherproof and durable. These PVC banners are largely used for outside promotion in supermarkets, boot fairs, fundraising events, and more. Furthermore, they can be used as flags in buildings.

PVC Outdoor Banners
Image Source-

10. Adjustable Banner Stands

This one type of outdoor roller banner is made up of high-quality polyester fabric and is lightweight. This adjustable banner stand is best for the advertising campaigns. You either can use the single one or double-sided for a larger display of your ad. The banner stand is easy to set up and looks appealing.

Adjustable Banner Stands
Image Source- Banner Buzz

Why use Outdoor Roller Banner?

Outdoor roller banner is ideal for suited for company events or mass shows. These banners are designed to promote your brand or event to provide the gist of the event. Not only this, but these roller banners are also the best investment for promoting social distancing messages in cafes and restaurants. They are simple to install and make it easy to assemble as per space. You can customise the banner with colour printed graphics and messages you want to use.

An outdoor roller banner is usually used for marketing purposes. However, there are other reasons too for choosing roller banners, especially in the age of social distancing:

  • Foldable- These banners can be transported from one place to another.
  • Fully Customisable– Roller banners are fully customizable as per your need for social distancing messaging purposes.
  • Attention-grabbing– If you want to create awareness for the social distancing purpose, then you can choose from different options.
  • Flexible– You can choose from the varied options available in terms of sizes and designs.


The outdoor roller banner is the right investment you can have for the event or brand promotion. Furthermore, you can also use outdoor banners for social distancing purposes. You will get different options for banners to choose, customize, and install. The ultimate aim is to send the right message in the right way.

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