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Best 7 Keyword Research Tools – Beat Your Competition Today!

Keyword Research Tools, which will give you mind-blowing ideas to beat your competition

Now, you are searching for the best keyword research tools? I’m I correct. If you landed on this page, that means I’m sure you will have some good take away for Keyword research, and you will beat your competition. I usually share my knowledge. Hope this will help you to get the right direction to hit your keyword ranking game.

KW Finder

KWFinder Keyword Research Tools

KW finder is a fast and easy keyword research tool in the market. Until I found KW finder, I didn’t realise that I needed to give more priority to SERP results. One of the best in the SERP tool. You can mix your researched keyword ideas as you wanted and reanalyses them. If you have specific keywords ideas from Google or SEMrush, then you can combine those with KW Finder.

By using KW Finder, you will be able to research your appropriate keywords with low SEO difficulties.

Main features in KW Finder

  • Keyword Research
  • Long tail keyword ideas
  • SERP analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Search options with different languages

Try your keyword below!


SEMrush- Keyword Research Tools

SEMrush is a full and full website and keyword research tool. You can research websites, keywords and rankings. I enjoyed the way its working and handling our ideas into keyword generation. You will be able to check the search engine or PPC stats on any websites.

You will be able to analyse your rankings or your competitor rankings. My favourite is Keywords Jacking Method. If you want to get an idea about your competitors? Then take their website and run the keyword reports. That’s all. You will find amazing results and plans to beat your competition.

Finally, I like this tool for another reason. I never saw before that I can create fantastic landing pages using landing page generator option. If you need an idea for a landing page, just put the keyword and generate the landing page. Boom. It will give complete SEO solution for that particular keyword based landing page.

Main features in SEMrush

  • Easy Method
  • Keyword Jacking
  • Best PPC Stats
  • Social media best performing post
  • Trending topic ideas for your niche
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ideas to generate organic traffic
  • SEO Content Template – Generates landing pages based on your keywords


TheHoth - Keywords Research Tools and managed SEO

Another great tool in the market for Keyword research. Once you put in a keyword, it will give you all variations around that seed keyword.
The good think about TheHoth service is you can convert your blog posts into Video contents. It is a paid service but its enormous opportunity, those who want to push their blog content to next level.

They have a lot of different managed SEO Services inside the platform.

The main features inside the managed services

  • Managed SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Convert blog Post to Video Content
  • Reputation Management

Plus there are a lot of handpicked services you can choose based on what you need. This will allow you to pick a correct service without overpaying for unwanted SEO tasks.

Answer the public – Free Visual Keyword research and Content Ideas tool.

Answer the public Question Research and Content Ideas

This keyword research tool will display a visual rendering, based on your keywords. “Answer the public” – The name its self-giving you a clear picture about this tool. Answer the public will give you what type of question people are searching online. See below the visual for “Keyword research tools” keyword. It will provide you with a vast amount of opportunity to fine-tune your content.


They have a different type of content display section.

  • Questions
  • Repositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

Test your self and save time on finding content ideas.


Keywordtool - One keyword research in many platforms

These days when you are researching the keywords, you need to focus on many aspects. Early days, keyword research mainly focused on search engines only. However, at present, many elements are influencing fundamental keyword research.

Now and upcoming years, the keyword research is going to be a different level. You need to focus not only the Search engines.

The whole planet is searching on Youtube, Amazon, eBay and Social media platforms. People love exploring. You need to find out what they are searching on all these platforms.

How can you find out what they are searching on those platforms? The answer is the Keyword Tool. You can do the keyword research on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, App Store, Instagram and on Google too.

ahref – Keyword Explorer

ahrefs Keyword Research Tools

ahref is a Killer keyword tool. ahref gives you an idea why your competitors are ranking higher than you. I felt that the best keyword difficulty rating features are available on this tool.

ahref Keyword Explorer has bags of useful features. They have more than 240 million keywords in united states alone. Get your accurate report on organic traffic today with ahref.

Other main features inside ahref.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Content Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Web Monitoring and more

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Tools

Fighting with competitive keywords is a real pain. Everyone knew about it. So, how can you reach your audience? With the help of Long Tail Pro, you will be able to discover appropriate Long Tail Keywords. Your potential audience uses those keywords. Long Tail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools in the market for Long Tail Keywords.

You can put the seed keyword and find the keyword difficulties. Also, you can be built long tail keywords from those results.

It is a straightforward tool to use and discover long tail keywords. The good thing is, Long Tail Pro gives you an Average KC on each keyword.

Long Tail Pro main features

  • Find easy keyword using unique KC features
  • Discover Keyword Profitability
  • Beat the competition
  • Sorting facility
  • In-depth Domain and Page level metrics