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9 Site to Create your very Own Unique Magazine Covers

Updated: 18.01.2019
Latest update contain Canva.com Magazine Cover Designer video tutorials.

Have you always dreamed of having your face up on a magazine cover? Now you can make your dreams come true. This article will help you find the perfect tools you will need to create the magazine cover of your dreams.

Magazine cover Maker by FotoJet

With this program, you can place your own pictures onto the covers of famous magazines such as Playboy, Time, People and more with just one click of a button. It is user-friendly and you can save the template in JPEG, PNG or share it directly on to social media.

Magazine Cover Maker by FotoJet


PhotoFunia – Magazine Cover and Magazine Maker

This service is an online service which allows you to adjust your pictures, create a postcard, add funny faces and more. Instead of having your boring generic magazine cover, this service will allow you to convert the magazine covers into pictures of real life settings.

Photo Funia Magazine - personalized magazine cover


Funny Photo – Magazine Cover Maker

Funny Photo is a service for those who wish to play around with effects and frames. You can enhance your pictures with this service and retouch a photo before using it. There is a wide range of magazine covers for you to choose from. You can make your fake magazine cover for event, celebration or even school projects.

Funny Photos - Make your fake magazine cover


BigHugeLabs Mag Cover Designer

This service gives you a few ways in which you to upload your picture. You can upload it from your computer, Instagram, FaceBook or Flickr. This is a tool that will allow you to choose your layout, title, publication date and more! As an added bonus, you can even use this service to create a postcard.

Bighuge labs custom magazine covers design



This service does not only allow you to create magazine covers, but it also allows you to create a whole magazine line by line! There are pre-made templates that you can choose from and you are on your way to creating your own magazine. It is a paid service with free options. You can create a web magazine for free.

Madmagz Magazine Cover Maker



You can create magazines as well as posters, flyers, invitations, newsletters and brochures. This service is paid however if you want to create just a cover for yourself then you can do it for free. You can get lot of free personalized magazine covers templates.

LucidPress - Free online magazine software


Fakeazine Magazine Cover Maker

You can become a celeb on the cover of over 100 magazines with this service. You can upload your picture, adjust the sizing, change the background colour and you can share your famous moment on social media. This is another magazine cover maker  to do your fake magazine cover for event, celebration or even school projects.

Fakeazine Magazine Cover - free fake magazine cover template


Canva – Online Magazine Cover Maker

Canva is one of the most popular online services to add texts to images. You can create all different types of images such as posters, covers, different social media profiles and more. They have pre-made designs for each type of design you would like to make and you can insert your own text and picture to the layout. It is that easy. With Canva you can do many variations for your free magazine cover maker. With latest updates there are lot of Free graphic elements available to use.

Canva - free magazine cover maker

Canva online magazine cover design video guide


If Pulp magazine makes your heart skip a beat then this service is for you. You can place your picture onto a Pulp magazine cover. Once you have completed your masterpiece, you can use it to print on T-shirts, mugs, posters, Ipad covers and more.

Pop O - Mizer Magazine Creator


And there you have it, 9 services that allow you to create your very own magazine cover. Enjoy being a celeb of your choosing!




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