5 Best WordPress Website Page Builders for 2020

Best Page Builders

According to research, WordPress is the most popular and preferred content management system. It is because most users find it easy to use and it is suitable for all types of business websites. That is where WordPress page builders come in. Page builders are arbitrary plugins that allow you to smoothly create and edit pages through an improved drag and drop editor. The page builders provide you with an easy way to utilize WordPress so you can create a professional website.

Reasons to Use a WordPress Page Builder

There are several reasons why you should use page builders when creating your website. While they are optional, they offer you many benefits. Here are some of the reasons to utilize page builders when creating a website.
● Drag and drop page builders are easy to use: If you don’t have any programming knowledge, page builders are a good option to help you create an amazing website. You don’t need to learn coding or programming to use drag and drop page builders.
● Multiple features: The page builders come with different features that you can use to build customized and complex designs that otherwise you cannot create using other plugins. For instance, page builders support extensions that some themes may not support.
● Time-saving: You don’t need to spend hours creating or running a website thanks to the drag-drop page builders. The customizable themes and plugins allow you to change and edit nearly everything on your website with only a few clicks. This saves you time and makes running a website easy and fun. There are several page builders to choose from such as Beaver Builder and Visual Composer.

There are different things to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress page builder. This will help you to ensure you get the right page builder. Here are some of the factors to look at when choosing a builder.

Type of Builder

Before you go ahead and pick a WordPress page builder that you desire, you must know you have two options to choose from. They include the drag and drop and HTML.

The first option gives its users the modules that they can use to create a beautiful page. With these modules, users can click and move them into the layout. The software modifies the page and adapts the design. This is based on the place you move the module to. The technique is extremely user-friendly. Apart from that, it makes it easy to design your website especially good for those who don’t have a lot of web design knowledge.

The second type of builder is HTML. For this one, whenever you want to design your website pages, you just need to input HTML code. HTML page builders need you to have a good understanding of web design and coding. Also, this type of set up lets you customize each item on the website.


WP page builder compatibility

Compatibility is among the things to keep in mind before installing any page builder. Ensure the builder you want is compatible with your theme. Failure to check this will mean that you change the builder every time you change the theme. You will end up spending much time on one thing.
Having said that, I have something special for you. If you are looking for the best WordPress website page builders for 2020, this post is for you. Read to the end to see the best builders that you can use to easily create and design your website.

Best Page Builders for 2020:

WP Bakery:

WP Bakery Overview

This is a premium plugin and among the most popular plugins for WordPress. If you are out to take control of your website, this is the site page builder for you. With WP Bakery you can create any layout that you can imagine thanks to this automatic drag and drop builder. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge to use this builder. It is user-friendly and thus you can easily make beautiful and stunning pages.

This page builder gives you a responsive option that ensures your website has a responsive design. With this builder, your website content will be accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Unlike other page builders, WP Bakery works with all WordPress themes. Therefore, there is no need to keep changing builders every time you change your website theme. Apart from that, this builder is ideal for all types of websites. This builder is also ideal for creating WooCommerce websites. It makes it easy to show off your WooCommerce products.

The builder is only available on the pro version from $45. You can choose to buy the regular version or extended version.

WP Bakery Pricing


The regular version offers the following:
● Use for one site only
● Pro support
● Free updates
● Template library access

Extended Plan

You can get the extended version of this builder at $245. It offers you the features mentioned above as well as the following:
● Pro support
● Free updates
● Theme integration
● Use on one SaaS app

Visual Composer:

Visual Composer Overview

If all you wanted is a WordPress website builder with an intuitive interface, the visual composer is everything you need. This builder’s interface makes it easy for you to create a stunning website that will catch the attention of visitors. With the several templates and content elements available, you can quickly and easily design pages.

The good thing about this page builder is that all the templates are mobile-friendly and responsive. Because of this, you can control your website appearance minus leaving the editor. It doesn’ matter which theme you are using. This drag and drop page builder has you covered since it is compatible with all themes. Visual Composer gives you an exceptional page editing experience. The inline editor, Tree view, and live frontend editor let you make adjustments directly while seeing the results.
You don’t have to source images from Pixabay or elsewhere. This builder is seamlessly integrated with the Unsplash stock image library available on premium plans. It thus allows you to download high-quality stock photos directly from the Frontend editor. The free version of this builder is suitable for agencies, freelancers, and site owners. It is also perfect for web design experts and complete starters. The premium option is available from $59.

Visual Composer Pricing

Free Version:

The free version offers you the following:
● Drag & drop editor
● Parallax and background effects
● Design options
● Background shapes

Premium Version:

Visual Composer’s premium’s version offers you all the free features plus the following:
● Post grid elements
● Page layouts
● Block templates
● WooCommerce elements
● Sidebar editor, footer, header
● Template export
● Unsplash integration
● Dynamic content
● Global templates

Elementor WordPress Website Builder

Elementor Page Builder

This is another leading Website page builder you should try in 2020. Elementor is compatible with all themes and plugins. This is one of the things that make this page builder popular. It offers both free and paid versions. Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, this is the builder for you. You can use it to create an eCommerce or professional website.
If you want to generate leads but don’t want to use several plugins, Elementor is an all-inclusive plugin. You can use it to compose forms visually and connect them with your preferred marketing tools. You can then use them to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions.

If you are a developer, this is the theme to use on your website. This is because several developers have supported the Elementor open-source outline, add-ons, products, and building themes. This has further extended its functionality.

While you can download this theme for free, some of its features are only available on premium plans. For instance, you can go pro from $49 upwards.

Elementor Pricing

Free Version:

● Basic 30 widgets
● The drag and drop builder

Paid Version:

You get the above features and the following:
● Over 50 advanced widgets
● Popup Builder​
● Theme Builder
● Visual form creator and integration with popular marketing software
● WooCommerce Builder and more than 15 shop widgets
● Custom fields capabilities and many others

Beaver Builder:

Beaver Page Builder

Are you stuck at choosing a page builder for your website? If that is the case, you have found yourself the perfect builder. Beaver builder not only provides you with an unlimited license but it also offers you exceptional support. Also, this page builder comes with a powerful and flexible child theme that more than 175,000 websites are using. So, there is no need to worry about which theme is compatible with the plugin. This child theme helps you to easily customize the website.

The front end editor of this theme works in real-time. Whatever you see is what you get exactly. When it comes to templates creation this builder gives you an exceptional experience. Once you create a template, you can reuse it to quickly create new pages.

Also, Beaver builder’s modules allow you to add nearly anything you may want. This includes carousels, sliders, backgrounds, buttons, content blocks, and others. If you don’t know how to create a landing page, this builder has you covered. It comes with more than 30 finely composed templates for landing pages. This makes this WordPress website builder extremely easy and quick to make beautiful website layouts.

Beaver Builder

Premium Version

This is a premium builder and for the standard version of $99 you get the features below:
● Use on unlimited websites
● Exceptional one year support
● Premium templates and modules
● Page builder plugin

SiteOrigin WordPress Website Builder

Have you ever wanted a builder with over 2.5 million installs? If so, SiteOrigin is your perfect builder. This is a free page builder. SiteOrigin’s page builder makes it straightforward to develop a responsive grid-based page content. Pages you build with this plugin easily adjust to mobile gadgets with pixel-perfect precision. In case you have had bad experiences with other builders that do not integrate with all themes, this one is different. It quickly integrates with all themes to give you an amazing site.

Ever heard of a best friend? Well, widgets are the best friend of a website owner. SiteOrigin developers know exactly that. The builder uses all the popular widgets. They have also integrated with other leading plugins to give you an outstanding experience.


WordPress website builders give site owners a completely new way to look at website creation. While all the above builders are great, some only offer more features on their premium options. For example, Elementor’s premium option starts at $49 for one site. While this can be expensive for a starter, you can still go with the free option. But among all these page builders, SiteOrigin is a bit hard to use.

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