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30 best Professional and Business WordPress Portfolio Themes – 2016

WordPress Portfolio Themes an over view

Since blogging has become a way for people to make money as well as show their work off, I have decided to write an article based on the best WordPress Portfolio themes that you can use if you are a designer, photographer, creative business owner or anyone else looking to showcase their work online.

Divi – WordPress Professional Theme

Divi is a powerful, unique, fast loading and mobile friendly theme. It is pleasant on the eyes and allows you to be as creative as you would like to be. Divi gives you access to a lot of tools, widgets, plugins and features that let you create the online portfolio of your dreams.

Divi - Professional WordPress Portfolio Themes

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Uncode – Portfolio Theme

Uncode is astonishing! It is professional, simple and designed to perfection. This theme is appealing and attractive as well as a responsive WordPress theme. Uncode is beautiful across a range of screen sizes, platforms and devices. This theme allows you to showcase your work in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Show your work today, the Uncode way!

Uncode Theme - Multipropose Fullscreen Website Theme

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Oshine is a highly customised WordPress theme which has access to over 500 different fonts, unlimited colour variations, and 12 different layout options. This theme supports many popular plugins such as Gravity Forms, Buddy press and more. Oshine has got everything you need to create a gorgeous and modern portfolio.

Oshin Clean Multipurpose Theme

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Looking for a slick, crisp portfolio? Then Pile is the theme for you. Pile has been graphically designed by professionals to ensure that the theme is user -friendly, resourceful and reader friendly. This WordPress theme gives you the power to shape your website in any direction that you wish to go in. You are able to modify everything, from the layout and font to the colour scheme. Advance settings options give you the power to edit every nook and cranny.

Pile - Full Screen Portfolio WP Website Template

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is energetic and powerful, intelligent and readily responsive. This theme allows even beginners to enter the world of portfolios as it is user-friendly and yet still gives the viewers a professional web experience. You can customise all setting such as animations and logos. It comes with a wide variety of templates and plugins. You are able to edit and resize each individual element of your portfolio. This is a perfect theme for a newbie.


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Kalium is a WordPress theme that allows you to build your own blog or portfolio from scratch. Kalium is optimized to work with all the major mobile browsers which limit your worry about browser incompatibility. You can personalise your site and even create your own animations. It allows you to create jaw-dropping galleries, and unique effects. Each template has its own unique style and feel.

Kalium minimal Portfolio wordpress theme

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This WordPress theme is stylish, streamlined, professional, resourceful and creative. It is straightforward so it is easy to use and quick to learn which means you can have your portfolio up and running over night. Whatever your heart desires, Beoreo can pull it off for you and in style. Designers all over the world love to use this theme as it is easy to master and comes with thorough SEO enhancements. Beoreo is ready to tango, are you?

Beoreo WordPress Website Theme

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Studio 8

Studio 8 is undeniably one of the best themes on the market today. Customers have done nothing but praise this theme thanks to the wonderful features. The quality of your portfolio will determine your income and success. Studio 8 can be accessed from any device and the theme is compatible with most internet browsers. This theme is efficient and the page loading speeding is impressive. Users can expect regular updates and for any errors to be fixed. Studio 8 has a 30 days money back guarantee.

Studio 8 Full Screen Creative Design Agency Theme

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The Agency

The Agency is a sophisticated theme. This theme is responsive so no matter what device they would like to view your page on, they can. The Agency allows you to customise the page to suit your needs and the needs of your viewers. It has drop-down menus that make it easy for you and your target market to navigate through your page in style.

The Agency Minimal - Creative Agency WordPress Theme

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Electric is a theme from WordPress that adapts to both versatility and niche specialisation requirements. It can be used by experienced bloggers or even beginners which make this theme high up on the list of themes you should be using. Electric gives you all the tools you need to create and design yourweb page without breaking a sweat. This theme has eliminated all resizing issues which make this theme’s graphics astonishing.


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If you would like to create a portfolio that stands out, then ePix is the theme for you. The graphics on this theme is amazing which allows artists and photographers to showcase their work the way that it should be viewed. You can also sell your work on your page as ePix is integrated with WooCommerce plugin. This will increase your profit margin and get your designs out there.

Epix Masonry Style Portfolio WordPress Theme

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This theme achieves high aesthetic designs whilst still maintaining a sense of accessibility. It is very easy to use and the installation of the theme is not hard to understand and only take s a few moments. The documentation on this theme is extensive so anyone can become an expert in Notio. It boosts ultra-high resolution graphics so take your time and create the website of your dreams.

Notio Simple Masonry Portfolio Theme

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For those of you who want to create a website that is great for case studies, then this is the theme for you. Alpha is trendy and attractive, intuitive and easy to use and yet looks very professional and polished. This theme is smooth and incorporates a masterful deployment of development technologies. You can make this theme as unique as you would like with minimal effort and time investment.

Alpha Fullscreen Portfolio Wodpress Theme

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This youthful, clean and engaging theme was professionally graphically composed. It is very easy to use. This is a powerhouse theme and comes with a wide variety of choices from backgrounds to fonts, colour schemes to page templates. You can also create an online store with the well known WooCommerce plugin. H-Code works well with designers, freelancers and professionals who want to get their portfolio out there.

H-Code Creative Portfolio Website Template

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Animo is a colourful, attractive and mobile friendly WordPress theme. It was developed for an array of industries that is looking for a content-centric theme. This theme is modern and comes with premium plugins and is user-friendly. Amino always looks right if you are adding animations or graphics.

Animo unique wordpress portfolio template

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Zerif PRO

Zerif Pro is fully responsive and is suited for corporate, personal or creative portfolios. It is translation ready and the features on this theme will make your website more alive and creative.

Zerif Pro creative flat design multipurpose WordPress Theme

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ROUA is an awesome minimal WordPress theme that is well suited for creative agencies. It is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on tablets and smartphones. It’s easy to set up and once you start with this theme, you will not be disappointed.

Roua minimal portfolio theme

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Luisa can help you display, preview and sell your work on the internet. It is easy to install and is clean and fully functional however it is minimal. You are able to customise your page to suit your needs y using the WordPress Customizer. Luisa supports video uploads which can add some spice to your portfolio. This theme also gives the best customer care by helping you when you are in need.

Luisa minimal portfolio WordPress Theme

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It is minimalistic yet modern design will leave your clients wanting more. You can showcase anything from illustrations to photographs and more. It is backed up by a solid framework and runs smoothly whilst fitting properly on any device. KON/CEPT allows you to edit the layout and make easy quick fixes when you need to.
This theme enables rich content on your site and displays images and graphics without any problems. KON/CEPT will give your page a classical yet powerful image. WooCommerce is also supported on this theme.

Koncept minimal portfolio WordPress Theme

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The name says it all. Architect theme will allow your target market to view your work in style and be able to see every last detail on the work you are presenting. You customise the journey for your viewers and you will never encounter compatibility errors. Architect allows you to reach anywhere in the world as it is equipped with translation programming. Just remember, how you display your work is as important as the work itself.

Architect horizontal portfolio website template

Info / Donwload Demo


Azoom is an ideal choice! It is easy to use and can attract more views for your pages and improve the overall quality of your site. It comes with a sticky menu so you can stick the most important or latest information. SEO implementation is the key feature as it will help attract your target market. You can add animations to your site as well which will attract people to your site. The side navigation has been added to the theme.

Azoom simple portfolio WordPress Theme

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Tower is a fantastic product that is able to upgrade your site and enhance its appeal. Nice this about this product is if you need help, the customer care is great and there is an online forum of eager people waiting to help others. You can personalise and improve the template to suit your needs. People who use your site on their tablet or smartphone will not have any issue with compatibility or size issues.

Tower simple sordpress portfolio theme

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Tography is smooth, powerful and modern. It is user-friendly and is ideal for multipurpose photography. It specialises in presenting high-resolution visuals. You do not need any coding experience to use this theme and you can pick up on the tips and tricks quickly. Tography is a great way for you to show off your visual skills.

Tography minimal Photography WordPress Theme

Info / Download Demo


Inspiro is a minimalist, polished WordPress theme that is responsive and photo-focused. This theme is best used for personal photo blogs however it can be used for corporate as well. It is easy to use and you can customise it to your liking. You can turn your page into an online store or even just a gallery to showcase your work. Inspiro has unlimited possibilities.

Inspiro Fullscreen GalleryTheme

Info / Download Demo


Hind is a stylish, flexible yet powerful theme that can be used for a number of portfolio concepts. If you would like a high definition site, then Hind is the theme for you. It is responsive and can be customised in a few moments. SEO is built into the code of the site and building your site is painless. So get Hind today!

Hind fullscreen digital portfolio wordpress theme

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Matisse is an impressive, refined and gorgeous theme. It is user-friendly and does not require any coding experience. It is filled with tools to make your work astonishing and sleek. It’s flexible and has got a gallery feature for you to showcase your work hastily. Matisse is also SEO-friendly.

Matisse fullscreen creative portfolio website template

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Once you have installed this theme, you can expect to have regular updates and new features added to ensure that your site gets the best the web can offer. It can be viewed on any device or operating system. Ronneby can be used be a novice and the site will still look like it was done by a professional. You can install other plugins if you would like to add onto your side. The pre-designed content will cut your blogging time tremendously. So what are you waiting for? Get Ronneby today!

Ronneby fullscreen portfolio wordpress template

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Tempo has been created so that the construction of your portfolio is not a hassle. You will be able to change every little detail that you do not like and turn it into a site you can be proud of. You can use this theme to showcase anything you would like to from experiences to a travel blog. WooCommerce is also a feature on this theme so you can even create an online store to sell your products from the comfort of your own home.

Tempo photography gallery wordpress theme

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Vigor is the theme for the adventurous soul. It is user-friendly and comes with a collection of practical features that will help you grow your business. You get to customise everything from the layout of the headers to the design of the font. You can even add videos and photos to better your target market’s experience on your site. Your readers can even contact you directly thanks to the Contact Form 7 that was added to this theme.

Vigor classic looking portfolio theme

Info / Download Demo


Last but not least, Charm is a WordPress theme that lives up to its name. It is powerful and fully responsive. It comes with 6-page templates and social widgets which make it easier for your readers to follow you on your entire social media platform. Charm is fast loading and user-friendly. You will not regret using this theme to showcase your hard-earned portfolio. And there you have it, 30 WordPress themes to showcase your business or personal portfolio. I hope you find the right theme for your portfolio.

Charm simple portfolio website template

Info / Download Demo


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