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25 Excellent Creative Branding Ideas to Bring your Brand to the Next Level

It’s an undisputed fact that simplicity and uniqueness is what makes a brand stand out among others. The uniqueness of a product is strongly expressed by its brand. Just like every living human on earth has a unique fingerprint and tongue print, every brand should have its own uniqueness.

The market populace has their own special ways of identifying with their favourite brand so the need to carefully strategies and brand to make your product or service acceptable by your market audience is paramount. Creating a brand be it a personal brand or a cooperate brand can be a time consuming and a very hectic process. Because you wouldn’t want to create a brand that is poor in its uniqueness and that is not able to achieve the goal of making the target audience identify with it.

Don’t get bored with the introductions as here is a compilation of 25+ mind blowing brand ideas.

Below are 25 mind blowing creative branding ideas that will spike up the success you desire for your business or enterprise;

1. Draw ideas from within the products producing environment:

It is much easier and wiser to take the product environment into consideration while branding. The production team should be fully engaged in this process and they should participate by contributing their own perspectives and ideas for creating the product brand.

This will help produce a diverse mindset towards forward thinking concepts or ideas that shape the fabric of the organisation.

The bottom line; the producing environment has a significant role to play in creating a unique brand

2. Be specific with your target audience

Creative Branding Ideas Target Audience

Focusing on everybody in the market is quite impossible, so ensure you have your target market in mind. Get specific with your target audience and figure out the target audience behaviours and their lifestyle.

Also ensure you create a good brand identity that your target audience can recognise, understand and would be able to relate with. This is one very important step that must not be overlooked in the process of creating a brand name.

The bottom line; don’t speak to people that are not concerned about your brand.

3. Inform your target market of what you have to offer them

Creative Branding Ideas Offering

Quite a number of branding logic is usually focused on their product, their credentials and their client. This is totally a wrong approach to branding because the target market needs to be fully aware of what you have in mind to offer them.

The question what do you want to offer should be answer carefully and professionally. Avoid Exaggerations and ensure unnecessary words and pictures are avoided.

The potential client should be the priority of the brand as they are definitely the major pathway to a successful accomplishment of the enterprise.

The bottom line; informing the audience about what you have in stock keeps them abreast of developments

4. Create a brand logo and tagline

Creative Branding Ideas Best Brands

Image Credit: Theframeworks

This is the most interesting and most important stage in building a brand. Your brand logo will possess every minute and important detail that relates to your product. Ensure you don’t forget important details because they contain the unique details of your brand.

Be willing to invest your time and money in order to create something unique and captivating for your target audience. You can decide to design the logo yourself or hire a professional. Also ensure you take note of important things like the design, font, graphics and concept. This is because these are the important features that make the logo awesome.

The bottom line; Your Logo and tagline are your signature and they should be unique.

5. Create your brand voice

A brand needs to have a unique voice that would be recognised by your target audience. The unique voice is how you communicate your message to the audience and how they respond to you in return.

Ensure your brand voice is professional, friendly, authoritative, technical, promotional, informative, and conversational and service oriented. Recognising the right choice of brand voice to use will be of help to you in having a strong relationship with your customers.

The bottom line; having a unique voice makes you stand out among competitors

6. Be your own brand advocate

Nobody knows much more about the business better than you. You are the pioneer of your brand and you should therefore be its first advocate. You should always talk about your brand to the populace, create the awareness in the mind of people and by so doing you ensure that the probability of passing across false information to the populace by members of your team or even the customers themselves is avoided.

The chance of the populace getting second hand information is also limited. Advocating for your brand would also help you build trust for the brand in the market.

The bottom line; be the figure head

7. Go after opportunities that bring you to the limelight

Ensure you embrace the opportunities that give room for public speaking. Professionally, speaking in the public is a great way of strengthening your brand. This can be done in the form of a media advocate or even a subject matter expert.

The bottom line; Go after opportunities butt don’t embrace every opportunity because some are poisonous.

8. Establish your expertise and focus on it

When getting started with creating your own brand, it is important that you establish the level of your expertise. By so doing, you create a level of awareness in the minds of your target audience on the extent to which you want to carry out your activities. This makes it much easier when you want to creatively expand your brand because you would have been fully acquainted with the best activity to engage in.

The bottom line; expatriate is a definition of uniqueness

9. Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business

Your brand should be visible to the public eye and it should be a reflection of what you do.
Cover everything the target populace can see, read and hear. Anything tangible in the business ranging from your business cards, advertisement, packaging and product should reflect your brand. This also extends to intangible things like the business environment and your personal conversation with people.

The bottom line; let your brand be everywhere

10. Consider the experience factor

You should bear in mind that the experience you have gotten over time would go a long way in helping you build your brand. Ask questions that will help you determine the strength of your brand.

You could also seek the opinion of the employee how it feels like working with you. You could seek their opinion about the product. The employees can also help you describe your products. All these will help you have a true, simple and positive experience and strong relationships about the outside market.

The bottom line; experience is the best teacher

11. Start a blog for your brand messages

A blog is a significant way to reach out to a larger audience. Write a blog specifically for your target population by meeting their interest, needs and their toughest challenges. Give genuine advice and insights that will reflect your brand goals and objectives. Make the messages simple and concise so it is easy to be understood by the populace.

Doing this will help you get the attention of the populace and your brand become known by your specific messages of meeting them at their needs.

The bottom line; a blog will not only pass messages, it will also sell your brand

12. Create and spread consistent messages

Consistency is crème when trying to give definition and values to your brand. Make the target population familiar with your brand by maintaining the same standards even in the simplest of all things like the graphic pattern used in advertising, blogging and blogging.

The team’s members should speak the same business language and follow the same set of protocols. This will greatly build familiarity for your brand in the market.

The bottom line; consistency is a sign of seriousness

13. Avoid the self-appraisal techniques

Many businessmen are often fond of telling about themselves far too much while trying to gain attention for their brand. This inexperience technique shut out the saint’s experts, gurus and ninjas.

It is important to add that staying humble and saying less about your brand is a great pathway to standing out among others and having a unique brand quite different from what the populace is familiar with.

The bottom line; let people praise you

14. Engage in social cause or social responsibilities

Render helping hands to the populace. You can create a name for your brand that they would happily want to associate with and be proud of.

Having a social entrepreneurship focus can help you have a relationship with your customers’ needs and make them have a sense of belonging in the goals and objective of your brands.

The bottom line; the social environment is where your target market lies

15. Embrace and share your story

Your story is what makes up your brand. Endeavor to share your story as this have a way of making your customers understand your brand better.

Be real and avoid duplicate story because your story is the DNA of you and your brand. Your story is synonymous to the enterprise itself is a part of your brand. Do not make the mistake of separating your story from your brand.

The bottom line; sharing your story can be a form of copy writing.

16. Learn from your past successes

Take note of your success, celebrate them and reflect on them as often as possible. Take note of those actions that lead to the success, how you went about them, the beneficiaries and how it benefitted them. This will help you in sustaining and maintaining your brand in the market.

The bottom line; past success will always urge you to do more

17. Learn from your past mistakes

The ability to learn from your past mistakes and past failure is a good trait of an entrepreneur. The experience from those past mistakes will be a guide for you to ensure that your brand exhibits its own peculiarity in reflecting those past failures and past mistakes to the public.

Don’t be shy of making the past mistakes and failures known to your target market as they are definitely part of your brand. This is because for every success stories, there are rough roads.
This will be a reason your customers will want to appreciate your brand and will be proud to be identified with it anytime anywhere.

The bottom line; past mistakes make you more experienced

18. Seek expert’s advice

No man is an island of knowledge and getting advice from experts will serve as a stepping stone to succeed in the business. Get to equip yourself with the needed knowledge and information from them that made them did well in their enterprises.

Ask questions about the setbacks they encountered how they overcame them and also pay good attention to their success story.

The bottom line; experts are more learned and experienced

19. Be human

Exhibit the human characteristic in creating your brand. Note that your customers are humans and will relate to your brand from a human perspective. It is therefore essential that you deal with them from a human perspective in relation to your own brand.

Be conscious enough to avoid illustrations that look so unreal and be modest enough in your approach while trying to gain their attention. Be careful not to present fake illustrations and pictures to your target audience.

The bottom line; this is the only way you can communicate perfectly with the audience

20. Keep social tabs on competitors

You wouldn’t want your competitors to make you lose your face in the market world. Therefore, it is necessary that you often keep an eye on them. Follow what they post and which of their post gets the most share and likes, get to know the logic behind it.

See what works for them, follow their lead and learn from them as well.

The bottom line; competitors can give you an idea of the next step to take

21. Gather content from other sources

Another easy way to create your own brand is to gather great killer content from different source. People will consider it stealing but it’s not. It is always welcomed to borrow content that you can make use of from other sources if you are doing something entirely new with it. If done properly, it is great way of creating your own business brand.

The bottom line; curating contents from other sources makes the brand vast

22. Create brand videos

Remember, the populace is more likely to be ten times involved in a video content compared to text content. They tend to share, like and comment more than text only blogs or related social posts.

While creating your video brand, bear in mind that its purpose is to create awareness and make them recognise your brand in order to increase the purchasing power of your product.

23. Carry out share bonuses for your content

This technique is really helpful while trying to create a brand for your business. Place certain percentages of bonus for the populace that share your content be it the video or the text content.
Human affinity of free things would trigger the populace to fully participate in the bonus give away thus increasing the awareness of your brand.

The bottom line; the audience wants gift so give them.

24. Give your brand it owns unique personality

Remember to give your brand its own personality as it can be seen as an entity of its own. The personality you give your brand has a great influence on the brand itself which is why it is important to give good personalities to the brand.

You could place good personalities like accuracy, precision, concision, sincerity, integrity, reality among others on your brand. These kind of great personalities you give to your brand when already identified with your brand by your target audience can help you build trust among your target audience, help you stand out and become a lead in the market.

The bottom line; Uniqueness is the essence of the brand

25. Engage your brand in social vibes

Thankfully, there are various social media one could easily get access to. Social vibes like throwback Thursdays, can be done as a tactic to enhance and increase your brand target audience. This should be done consistently fully bearing in mind to give messages that are in line with the brand goals and objectives across to it targeted audience.

This will not only create awareness for your brand, it will also help create a social trust and a sense of belonging for your brand customers. It will also present you and your brand to the populace as a social oriented person.

In conclusion, there is more to branding than what you have always known and I am sure this must have been an eye opener to ideas to help you brand yourself, products or services. Also, it’s important to add that consistence and perseverance is important when branding because the steps explained in the article does works well but not like magic. This is the reason why patience, consistency and perseverance are needed.

Additionally, ensure you don’t quit in the process. Sometimes you might not be getting the desired results but remember “winners never quite and quitters never win” so keep pushing hard and in the meantime you will start getting the desired results.

I am sure you liked the article and you also found it helpful. Kindly be progressive minded by sharing the article with family and friends so they can also start their branding process today.

Remember, the change begins with you and never stop believing in what you do, your products or service you offer. Brand yourself and make your name be heard in any industry you find yourself.