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25 Best Creative Quotes for Motivate Creative People

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One of the best quotes I have ever heard that has helped me stay motivated in life is: ‘Don’t be afraid of hard work’. I love this idea because most of the time people want to become rich quickly and they think that it is going to fall into their laps. You need to be determined and motivated as well as realise that with a bit of hard work and dedication, you can create your own empire and take over the world.

‘Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground’

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Can a saying be any more perfect? You need to realise that you can reach for the stars. You can give yourself dreams and aspirations in life but you need to keep in mind that you need to stay grounded when you do so. You need to make sure that you stick to who you are and that your dreams do not over power your core values.

‘Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.’

Always remember that you are your worst enemy. Think outside of the box instead of staying inside the same box as everyone else. In life, all the creative people came out on top when they saw something out of the ordinary and turned it into something that society needed in their everyday lives.

‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’

One of my favourite quotes! Whenever I have a new task at hand that seems difficult or different to what everyone else is doing, I just think of the fact that every new trend began with a different and unique idea.

‘Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.’

Every second person you talk to will tell you that they have a masters degree in procrastination. This is so true because we all tend to get tired or board when we feel like we have something better to do. You need to just sit down, turn off all your distractions like your cell phone and you need to get the work done. You will feel so much better when you have finished and do not have the work hanging over your head.

‘Good, better best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.’

This has to be one of the most inspiring sayings out there! We will never grow as a nation until we learn that there is always room to improve and there is always something that you can work on. Once you are good at it, you can become better and the after that, you can become the best. They say it takes a lifetime to understand your craft. Never stop learning and never think that there is no room to improve.

‘Push yourself because, no one else is going to do it for you.’

Most of us have amazing support systems out there who are on the side lines pushing us to do better and cheering us on but the truth is, we are the only ones who can push yourselves to the point of success. We need to understand that we need a support team cheering us on but we are the only ones who can push us beyond our own boundaries and comfort zones.

‘Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.’

People who make a lot of noise telling everyone how hard they work, generally do not have a lot of people at the finish line to see their success. Be humble and let your hard work show through your success and business ethics. You do not need a fancy car to show people who much you earn. You need a debt free life, morals and manners to carry you through life and struggles.

‘What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy.’

This is a quote we all head throughout school. You need to work hard in every aspect of your life. You will enjoy your life and your possessions so much more if you understand how hard it is to earn it. A chocolate bar tastes great when someone else buys it for you but it tastes even better for the person who was able to buy it.

‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.’

We all want the quick money, great body and good lifestyle but we do not always get what we want. You need to start to make small changes in your everyday life to ground yourself and become a better person. Good things happen to those that wait but better things happen to those who make the conscious decision to better their lives one step at a time.

‘Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.’

We all grow up having big dreams and as we get older, we tend to think that those dreams were not realistic. If you aim high but miss, you might actually end up with a gold mine! You never know unless you try so never stop dreaming and aiming high because you just never know where you might land.

‘Dream big and dare to fail.’

People these days are scared to dream and are terrified of falling and failing. You need to remember that all the latest trends and big companies started out small and they have all started with a few failures before hitting the jackpot. How many times did Bill Gates fail before becoming one of the richest people? Look at Oprah as well as Gordon Ramsey. He has had so many places close down before you found his formula for success.

‘When you start to see your worth, you will find it harder to stay around people who don’t.’

This is more of a life lesson than anything else. If you are working in an office that does not know how talented you really are, you need to take a step back and realise that you are worth more and if you turn into a risk taker, you might be able to start your own business and fly even higher than you did before.

‘No matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realise your struggles changed your life for the better.’

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Sometimes your business ideas or personal relations tend to fail and at the time we are heart broken. You need to understand that we need the bad in our lives to understand at appreciate the good that we get after. A breakup can lead to the best relationship of your life and getting fired can force you to see that you are able to start your own company that will one day become worldwide and make millions. Be grateful for the bad, without it, we will never understand how gorgeous the world really is.

‘Don’t stay in bed unless you can make money in bed.’

IT might be one of the leading careers in the world at the moment. You might think that lying in bed all day on a laptop is ok but it is not! No matter what your job is, you need to get up, get dressed and work in a professional environment. That might be at a desk at home or in an office. It is good for your soul and self-esteem to get up and go to a designated area for work. If you do not, you will become lazy and less productive.

‘Accept what is happening in your life right now. Put what happened behind you. Let it all go and have faith that good things are coming your way.’

One of the hardest life lessons to learn is the art of acceptance. Once you have mastered this art, then the world is your oyster. A positive outlook on life, including the bad in life, will prepare you for the best outcome possible.

‘Mind set is what separated the best from the rest.’

I am a very positive person and for some people, this can be rather annoying. I am not naive, but I do choose to see the good and focus on the good. When you see the good in life and you see things that other people do not, you are able to see a gap in the market and build a business around that gap. Take a step back, believe you can do and set yourself a goal that you will not stop at anything until you have reached your goal! I believe that we are all able to do this. We just have to have faith in ourselves.

‘The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.’

The only way you will ever succeed in life if you are accept the fact that you have to work for it. Once you understand that you have to work for things in life, you will be able to succeed in anything you put your mind to.

‘I will not be stopped.’

This is the type of mind set you are going to have to have in life if you want to succeed. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, you just have to work hard and figure out a way to get to where you want to go. It does not matter how you got there, all that matters is you get there and you maintain your level your success throughout your career and personal life.

‘Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t give up and turn around. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.’

In every corner of life, you are going to run into a few obstacles. It is important that you do not let them discourage you. You need to take a few deep breaths, look at the whole picture and figure out a way to keep moving forward. It is no good moving backwards because even then, you are going to come across a few issues. You can change your path a bit as long as the main goal is still your focus point, you will get there. You just need to place one foot in front of the other.

‘Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I remember, I have a lot of people out there to prove wrong.’

My whole life I have been told that I cannot do something. A school teacher of mine once told me that I will never make it in life… I used that negative comment and turned it into motivation. I now run a mobile salon and work all around the country at events… people will always try and bring you down because they are scared of their own success. Do not be scared! Use their inability to your advantage.

‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’

Every main corporation started at the bottom and built their way up to the top. Use your knowledge and skills and slowly but surely build your own little empire. The hardest part of it all is sitting down and starting. Once you get the ball rolling, no one can stop you except yourself.

‘Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.’

It is a classic downer when you are working with a group of people and you do not get credit for the work that you have done. Do not let this discourage you or bring down your work level. Work to the best of your ability. Give every client your 100% because one day, your work will go noticed and you will start to feel great within yourself and your work. Work pride is very important when it comes to success.

‘The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do’

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One of my biggest motivations in life is when I am faced with a challenge and people tell me that I cannot overcome it or I cannot succeed. Let hate and discouragement be your fire under your chair. Let their fear and jealousy be your drive and fuel to your own success in life. You will feel astonishing once you overcome something and you will feel ever better once you have shown everyone who told you that you cannot, that in actual fact, YOU CAN!

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There are hundreds of thousands inspiring creativity quotes out there that you can listen to and read. You should places sayings around your home and work place to keep you motivated and to spark faith inside you when you are feeling like there is no way out and that you cannot do what needs to be done. Find things that help you realise just how good you are! Keep in mind that people these days do not like to see the good in the world. They like to see the bad and that causes them to lose their faith in trying. Do not let yourself become one of these people.

I truly do believe that the main reason for success is your mind set. We do not understand just how powerful our minds really are. There are studies that show that children who are sick tend to recover better and quicker than adults. The reason behind this is because children do not see the bad as much as adults do. They see an obstacle that is stopping them from playing outside so they understand that they need to get better in order to go play with their friends in the park and not feel bad all the time.

Nothing in life is easy. You need to calm down and reassess the situation before coming up with a plan that is going to fix the problem at hand. Keep in mind that you are going to fail. The trick is to learn and grow from failing so that you do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Once you have found the rhythm and started to move forward, anticipate a few bumps in the road. No product or business is 100% perfect but you will keep on improving and making the best possible outcome for yourself as well as for your business and people around you.

Let us know what motivates you in life. How do you overcome the darkness and see the light? It is always nice for people to realise that they are not alone on this journey in life and even though we all might not be on the same paths, we all have the same main goal. We all want to be good people and family members. We also want a successful career that we are proud of and know how hard we had to work to reach our goals and maintain our different levels of success.

‘This is the beginning of anything you want.’

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