2020 Best Food WordPress Themes for Review and Recipes

Food WordPress theme is the backbone of any reviews or recipe site. Running a food blog or website without investing in a compelling WordPress theme is a big failure. The demand for WordPress themes for a food blog is on the rise, thanks to the endless choices. Cooking is one of the significant parts of our life that helps us generate our food. So is why many cooking experts go online and write blogs on food and share ideas. Thanks to some amazing food WordPress themes allowing making blogs look great. While for some, this method of creation is a normal process of feeding, for some cooking is a unique way to see life from a different part of the kaleidoscope.

Some of these people love to experiment, try new things, and create some outstanding dishes. In this field of culinary excellence, everyone has their share of creativity and ideas through which they try to make forth in life. The culinary industry has grown a lot in recent years, and with an increase in home cooks trying to experiment, the competition has grown farther more.

You may find many of the new and beautiful free food WordPress themes on the internet, and if you are planning to start your own, then we are here with some help.

Listed below are the top 10 food WordPress themes to choose for your reviews and recipe blog:

1. Ranna

The Ranna food website theme is one of the unique and fascinating ideas that help you to create a niche or even a general blogging site. It can help you to create the best of the most straightforward and yet impactful themes which will not only make your website look good but also attract the users.

Ranna Review & Recipe WordPress Themes

It does not matter if you are a newbie starting your food website for the first time or a professional cook with experience; this theme is for everyone.


  • Amazing Layout variety
  • Multiple ingredient support
  • User friendly

Price: $ 49

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2. Food Recipes

Food Recipe theme defines its soul purpose and wastes no time in giving you the best. This food WordPress theme is ideal for making food blogs and catalogs. The designs are of simplicity and more inclined to the traditional way of showcasing food. The theme is feature-rich and provide anyone with love for food and blogging a chance to show their creativity.

Food Recipes Review and Recipe WordPress Theme


  • 3 Pre translated languages
  • easy and extensive theme options
  • ten custom widgets

Rate: $55

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3. Neptune

Neptune is the best when it comes to the food website theme as it gives you the ethnicity to not only create magic with its designs but also shower you with the simplest yet powerful features. People who love food love creating posters, catalogs, and much more using this most uncomplicated and unique theme. Using the right WordPress website builder for your food site will certainly make your site look appealing.

Neptune review and recipe WordPress theme


  • Searchable Recipe ingredients
  • Organize recipes through country flag and cuisines
  • 700+ fonts to select from
  • Location for ads
  • Cooking timer

Rate: $69

Health Tip: As some foodie are sensitive towards having certain types and kinds of carbohydrates and have the problem of bloating, Low FODMAP diet is the best plan for them to seek good health and a fit body. It is easy to follow and provides the best of the results.

4. Food and Cook

This food WordPress theme is the definition of elegance that provides the user with much variety in the element’s sections. Share your recipe, make easy layout, list your ingredients or anything you want can be done through this amazing theme. There are also some of the free food WordPress themes to download.

Food & Cook Review and Recipe WordPress Theme


  • 11-page templets
  • Parallax
  • Support Google Microdata

Rate: $49

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5. RecipePress

RecipePress is the best food WordPress theme you can have for your blog. It gives the happiness of having multiple layouts and styles to choose from. Many of the food bloggers food truck WordPress theme free download often use these kinds of themes to ensure creativity and a flow of the non-monotonous design.  There are paid themes too available for more features. The designers mainly call it to have a sleek profile best for the food lovers. The best thing about this theme is it catch up well with any top website builder.

RecipePress Reviews & Recipe WordPress theme


  • Purpose oriented design
  • Various custom widgets
  • Advanced recipe search

Rate: $44

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6. Chow

This is where being a culinary expert comes handy! Chow is the most sophisticated and highly skilled food WordPress theme, which gives a professional look to your blog. This is the simplest of all but of the highest quality, ensuring that not only the user looks useful but also eye-catchy.

Chow Review and Recipe WordPress theme


  • Support microformats and google recipe view
  • specialized recipe editor
  • advanced research

Rate: $59

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7. Foodbook

Foodbook is not only useful for the bloggers but also the restaurant owners. If you check out the demo, you can find the exciting layouts and elements that will help anyone who wants to create a food universe for themselves. You will get amazing appeal and features for your site with this food WordPress theme.

FoodBook Reviews and Recipe WordPress Themes


  • Advanced filtering
  • Recipe special effects
  • powerful mega menu
  • Recipe slider
  • custom profile page

Rate: $59

Health Tip: The MIND diet is the mixture of both Mediterranean and DASH diet routine that helps in creating good brain health with healthy eating and lifestyle.

8. Especio

Simple, elegant, and yet smashing! Especio is the rightful food WordPress theme for those who want to advance their creative platform and create something amazing. No matter if you are a beginner, a professional, or just want to recreate your existing page in a new look, this simple theme will help you with anything. Along with the paid ones, Especio has free food WordPress themes to choose and install.

Especio Reviews & Recipe WordPress Theme


  • modern design
  • powerful framework
  • professional support

Rate: $59

Health Tip: The Paleo Diet is the simplest yet the most ancient way of the diet, which was used by our ancestors to live a linger and healthier life. It is was to follow and provides every needed nutrient to the body.

9. Lettuce

If you are planning to create your website for your store or make a website for your restaurant, then this food WordPress theme is perfect for you. It has three ready-to-use home pages that are flexible for any medium if it’s phone, tablet, or laptop. This is best for creating agriculture business plans, food shops, and so many more. Lettuce is flexible enough to make your experience worthy and comfortable so that you can create a new website.

Lettuce Reviews & Recipe WordPress Theme


  • search engine optimization
  • shortcodes
  • professional design
  • modern, customizable, and flexible
  • easy updates
  • multiple language support
  • sticky menus included

Rate: $59

10. Lahanna

People for whom food is passion and they want to create something out of love, and share among people online, then starting a recipe blog with Lahanna food WordPress theme is the best. This food truck WordPress theme free download is equipped with many designs and templates; this theme gives you a unique and enchanting platform to support your creativity. This beauty is supported in both phone and Pcs and can be easily navigated through many of the excellent features that it got.

Lahanna Food WordPress theme. Detailed front end recipe theme.


  • interactive ingredient list
  • secure timer link for the visitors
  • full-screen layout
  • user-friendly creation
  • responsive designs
  • different header variations

Rate: $69


Some foods are art and the way of expressing themselves! With the ongoing advancement of the culinary industry, food business has become of the fastest growing sectors of the world, providing people with the knowledge of culinary and explicit cuisines.

The advancement gave rise to many of the home cooks and those who are keen on the art of cooking. The facilities and opportunities through social media and the internet made this industry thrive more with many new cooks included every single day. You can check any of the above-mentioned food WordPress themes are for those who gave wings to their dream and wants to make it big and reach people with their food. Make use of any of these fantastic paid and free WordPress themes to create something that vocalises your idea to the world through images

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