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20 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

This article will help you decide which WordPress theme is best suited for your photography portfolio or even online business. You do not need to be a tech genius to create the most amazingly creative website out there. So let’s take a look at the options.

Often my friends ask me suggest the best WordPress theme for blogging and best WordPress themes for my photography business, etc. So I thought lets put to gather most popular and highly reviewed WordPress themes. This will help not only my friends, any one who were struggling to selet appropriate theme for their business or blogging.


Uncode is an all time favourite for creative people. It is beautiful yet powerful and extremely engaging. You will get polished results every single time you post your next blog post. This theme comes with WooCommerce which mean that you can set up an online store to sell your work of art. Once again, Uncode is responsive and can be used on all major devices. Try Uncode today!


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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic, is an image-centric theme that is a multipurpose website builder. It comes with all the tools and features you will need to create a professional website within minutes. This theme comes with a library filled of astonishing layouts and designs to choose from allowing your site to be completely unique. AJAX-powered dynamic search feature allows your readers to sift through the content quickly and read the articles that interest them. You can also create an online store using the one and only Woo Commerce.


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This engaging, lightweight and responsive WordPress theme will make your portfolio look bright and appealing. It is easy to use and is perfect for anyone photographer or anyone who is looking to sell their perfect art work online. There are lots of options for you to choose from when it comes to customising your website. Create the perfect online gallery with Kalium today.


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TwoFold is fast and highly responsive WordPress theme. It is modern and is not complicated in the slightest. This theme is highly uncluttered and allows you to post high resolution images. It can be viewed on any device and is easy to customise.


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Toranj includes multiple photo style portfolios which will take your website to the next level. It is reasonably priced and it comes with detailed documentation to help you out throughout the entire installation process.


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Using Diva will show the world that you have good taste, class and great website management skills. It takes inspiration from the Redux Framework and visual composer. Diva can be used on all major devices and will help your webite and work reach the highest peaks of success.


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A lot of people know about this WordPress theme. Stellar will constantly update itself to ensure that your website is using the latest trends in the ‘blogging world’.  You can customise this theme to suit your needs and the needs of your viewers. It is the perfect starting point for your photography portfolio.


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Fancy Photographer

Fancy Photographer is easy to install and a trendy template to showcase your photos or videos to a wide audience. It is fully responsive and the size adjusts to suit the device being used. What makes this theme different is that it includes custom posts types and formats to show your work in style. It is easy to customise and is user-friendly. It boosts smooth and easy navigation.


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Pile continues to grow and improves because the developers are constantly coming up with new updates to make this theme flawless. The backgrounds are simple which allows your work to stick out and be the star of the show. It can be used to show most creative projects and it will highlight your creativity.


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H-Code is a theme that sticks out and is extremely appealing to the eye. It is easy to use and you can have your website up and running in no time. H-Code comes with lots of different features that are useful such as e-Commerce which will make your website an online store. This theme will increase your income at the end of the month. You can have it set up in a matter of moments. So what are you waiting for? Install H-Code now!


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Darkroom was designed for professionals. It is fully responsive and can also support video uploads. WooCommerce is a plugin that can be used in this theme which will turn your website into an online store where you can sell your work. It is easy to customise and has an unlimited colour palette.


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Santino is a fantastic way for you to showcase your photos, portfolio, articles and anything creative. It is easy to install and very user-friendly. It looks great and you can even play music in the background whilst people are looking at your work of art. If you would like to provide your readers with the full package, then look no further than Santino.


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This theme is user-friendly and will give you limitless possibilities. Customisation has never been easier! Oyster will allow you to showcase your work and launch your ideas to the world.


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Scent is ideal for model agencies. It is fully responsive and you can build your page very easily. It also includes a model submission form which makes signing up new models easier and environmentally-friendly. You can also showcase images and videos of other models or tutorials. Get Scent today and build up your own modelling agency!


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Tography is a unique WordPress theme that is sure to catch your reader’s eyes. This theme will help you create a modern and professional portfolio. It was designed for photographers, by photographers. It will show off even the finest details in your work allows your viewers to appreciate your work fully. It’s user-friendly and can be customised to your needs.


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This theme is astonishing! JKreative can suit any target market you are trying to reach. WooCommerce allows you to sell your work online and is very easy to customise. The feature that makes this product different is the multi layered Parallax effect.


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There is so much we can say about Kameron. The latest version allows you to create password encryptions for the galleries you put up. Once you buy the theme, you will have access to all the features the theme offers.


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Sirius does not have any compatibility problems. It can adapt to any device and is responsive. This is one of the most popular themes on our list because it is easy to customise and is user-friendly. You do not have to have coding experience to use this powerful theme.


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Kudd is completely responsive and can be used on any device screen. Social media features have been added to this theme which allows your readers to follow you on all other social media you might be part of. This theme is memorable and has amazing revolution sliders and custom image cropping.


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So all you artistic people out there, I hope you have enjoyed this article and have found the perfect theme to suit your photography portfolio.



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