20 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools to improve your User Experience (UX)

Cross browser testing tools are important elements in website development and design. Cross browser, testing process involves comparing and analysing the overall behaviours of the site in different platforms. The ultimate aim of this testing is to deliver smooth running of the website to give optimal user experience.

Cross browser testing lets you check whether your website works when accessed through-

  • Different Browser OS Combination like Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. Also to check the performance on operating systems like Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
  • Different devices to know if users can interact and browse with your website on different devices.
  • To check if the website is compatible with assistive tools like screen readers for individuals who are differently abled.

Importance of Cross Browser Testing

Not every visitor visiting the respective site has patience to wait for minutes to load the complete content. Let say, if you are trying to access a site of GIF on your laptop or smartphone. You see the site opens up systematically which can irritate you, and you end up visiting to other site.

In the end, you will assume either the site has browsing issue or it is broken and look for alternative site.

We bring you with 20 such best cross browsing testing tools to use for the site examination and improve the UX:

1.   Browserling

Browserling cross browser testing tools

One of the best cross browsing testing tools for web developers and designers, Browserling offers effective live interactive cross-browsing testing. It is easy and fast to get result. You need to put the site’s URL and choose three parameters operating system, browser and version.

Some of the key features are:

  • Live interactive sessions
  • Access to latest browsers
  • Responsive testing
  • Safe Browsing
  • Anonymous and Secure Browsing
  • Save, Share and Capture Screenshots
  • No Dependency on frameworks like Java and some plugins
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2.   Cross Browser Testing

cross browser testing tools

CrossBrowserTesting allows interactive testing and debugs on live remote devices, allowing viewing website on different browsers at once. Furthermore, it allows automated using Selenium, Appium and other frameworks. The Agile testing team will be able to run and test faster having integration with CI tools like Jenkins.

Some of the key features are:

  • CrossBrowserTesting allows running single or parallel screenshots and regression tests
  • It provides full access to developer tools and extensions like FireBug and Chrome Dev tools.
  • The team will be able to scale up the automation speed with Selenium and Appium Cloud testing.
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3.   BrowserStack

BrowserStack cross browser testing tools

BrowserStack is the one of the best cross browser testing tools offering access to around 2000 real browsers and devices. Using this tool will allow you to test, automate using instant selenium testing and other. There are multiple benefits of using this testing tool including uncompromising security, comprehensive coverage and others.

Some of the key features:

  • Seamless integration in your setup
  • Easy to test and carries multiple feature
  • Available in $29 month
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4.   LambdaTest

LambdaTest Cross browser testing tools

LambdaTest cross browsing testing platform help to perform compatibility testing of your website and app. It allows users to run automated selenium scripts on the scalable cloud grid and perform live interactive testing.

Some of the key features are:

  • Allows running selenium automation testing on grid having more than 2000 browser environments.
  • Executing automated screenshots and responsive testing
  • Testing locally and privately hosted website
  • 24*7 chat support
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5.   Comparium

Comparium Cross browser testing tools

Comparium is an easy tool for cross-browsing testing tool that can work on different platforms. The service works on taking screenshots of web resources using different combinations of OSes and browsers resulting to manual and auto modes. The testing tool facilitates the routine because it has all the necessary tools at one place always implementing something new.

Some key features:

  • Screenshots from browsers collected at one place to compare them manually or in automatic mode.
  • Has automatic detection of visual incompatibilities by highlighting them
  • Supports in all browsers
  • Has real-time testing offering feature to connect with the desired browser and in any available operating systems.
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6.   SauceLabs

SauceLabs Cross browser testing tools

SauceLabs offers regular testing for the best possible customer experience. Through this testing tool, you can do automated and live testing for mobile and web apps. SauceLabs is considered as the world’s largest cloud-based testing platform. Furthermore, you also get DevOps integrations for CI/CD pipeline.

Some of the features are:

  • Continuous testing
  • Live Testing
  • Automated Testing
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7.   TestComplete

TestComplete Cross browser testing tools

TestComplete is a functional UI automated testing tool helping to create and run test on different web application. With this cross-browsing tool, you can run test in parallel across 1500 real test environments without configuration. The testing team will get access to the latest devices, resolutions and browsers.

You can choose from the multiple programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

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8.   BrowserShots

Browser Shots Cross browser testing tools

This testing tool allows you to test the website on any browser and operating system. The best thing about BrowserShots is it has the customization feature making it easier to test. You can use this tool with customization options like browser type, operating system, screen size, color depth, and others. You just need to copy and paste the website URL, select the parameters, and submit the test request.

However, for right result, you will need to repeat these steps. You can also use this testing tool for taking the website screen shots in various browsers and operating systems. There are around 200 different browser versions.

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9.   Functionize

Functionize Cross browser testing tools

Functionize is an excellent cross-browser tool to be used on all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others. You do not have to rely on the third party to solve the browser issues.

With Functionize, you can create just one test and run into any browser and it will solve with the Functionize AI. The user won’t be having visual-based test failures.

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10.  Experitest

Experitest Cross browser testing tools

If you want to build errorless website and apps, then using Experitest testing tool is the best you can do. Using this cross-browsing testing tool, you can create Selenium, Espresso, Appium and XCultest tests. This test can run against 2000+ web browsers.

Trusted by more than 1000 enterprises, the tool offers complete testing assistance for web and mobile app. You can create automated and manual testing using the cloud support.

Some of the features are-

  • Support manual and automated testing
  • Offers open-source compatibility
  • Integration and frameworks
  • Analytics
  • Supports Multiple Integrations
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11.  Mabl

Mabl Cross browser testing tools

Mabl is considered as one of the intelligent cross browser testing tools and allows the user to integrate end-to-end reliable testing. This further allows you to integrate entire software development workflow with it. The user can also take advantage of comprehensive results using actionable insights. The unified platform allows the user to conduct testing across application.

Some of the key features are-

  • Create automated UI tests
  • Comprehensive results
  • Actionable Insights
  • Unified Platform
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12.  BrowserStack Live

BrowserStack Cross browser testing tools

This mobile application can test the website on 2000+ browsers, making it the most comprehensive browser compatibility test. The tool is useful for testing websites on different operating systems and real mobile devices.

Some of the features are-

  • Cover 2000+ desktop browsers and all real mobile device browsers
  • Secure and private network
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13.  TestingBot

TestingBot Cross browser testing tools

This cross-browser testing tool is free, and more than 6+ million tests conducted each month. TestinBot comes with array of automated testing system features and offers continuous testing cloud with support for 2000+ devices and browsers.

TestingBot allows you to replace internal Selenium grid using Appium Grid and cloud-based Selenium Grid.

Some of the key features are-

  • Real device testing
  • Virtual testing using screenshots
  • Supports Headless testing in the cloud
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14.  BrowseEmAll

BrowseEmAll Cross browser testing tools

BrowseeEmAll is one of the widely used cross browser testing tools and has over 10000+ users. The tool offers manual browsing testing having ability to locate browser-specific problem on the system. The user can record and play automates testing and supports major suites when required.

Some of the Key features are-

  • Browser Compare
  • Live and visual testing
  • Test Report
  • Record and play
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15.  Multibrowser

MultiBrowser Cross browser testing tools

Multibrowser is yet another browser testing tool-allowing user to do automated responsive mobile testing. It offers complete support for browsers. The tool also comes with emulators to use for debugging your site on different devise.

Some of the key features are-

  • Built-in video recorder
  • Automated web testing
  • Offers free plan
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16.  Ranorex

Ranorex Cross browser testing tools

This all-in-one cross-browser testing tool is used for web, desktop and mobile application. Ranorex allows testers to focus on end-to-end testing with complete toolset, so they do not have to rely on any other testing tools. The tool allows improving same-day productivity and deploying rapidly with maintainable and reliable automated tests.

Some of the key features are-

  • Improves Productivity
  • Works easy with code
  • Good support and training
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17.  SmartBear TestComplete

SmartBear Cross browser testing tools

SmartBear TestComplete is the highly reliable cross-browsing testing tool allowing automate testing. The user can use for creating automated GUI test to use in multiple browsers. The tool support major OS including Python, VBScript and JavaScript.

Some features are-

  • Building automated UI tests
  • Object recognition engine
  • HTML5 test automation
  • Data-driven testing
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18.  TestProject

Test Project Cross browser testing tools

TestProject is one of the premium cross browser testing tools for site and app. The free test automation is community-powered and cloud hosting.

Some of the key features are-

  • Community-powered
  • Selenium and Appium Ready
  • Supercharged with Add-ons
  • Built on open source
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19. Browsera

Browsera Cross browser testing tools

Browsera is last cross-browser testing tool offering automated browser compatibility testing to check scripting errors and layout differences.

Some of the key features are-

  • Layout Problems
  • Locating JavaScript errors
  • Does dynamic pages testing
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20.  Datadog

Datadog Cross browser testing tools

The synthetic monitoring feature makes Datadog the best testing tool. It can set up browser tests in minutes using easy-to-use and code-free interface for fully monitoring of the browser.

Some of the features are-

  • Allows creating browser tests in minutes and no need of having knowledge of code
  • Get complete data from your test to run immediately
  • Datadog AI-powered browser tests can be created within minutes
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These cross browser testing tools are easy to use and developed to make the testing faster and get accurate result. If you are building an e-commerce WordPress themes loaded site, then use any of these testing tool for better result.

So which testing tool you will be using to build a responsive site?

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