15 Cute Spooky Wallpapers for Halloween 2020 – Inspiration

Cute spooky wallpapers for Halloween are the most interesting stuff you can try out to make your device look classy, yet scary. The time of Halloween is yet upon us. There are so many things that one looks forward to having during this special day of the year. Halloween is the best with spooky costumes, scary pumpkin cut-outs, delicious dishes to crave upon, and the greatest of all, the trick or treating part.

People go crazy upon brainstorming different ideas of decorations and making their day most valuable. Halloween costumes are not limited to party getups, but also as the cute spooky wallpapers.

Today, the meaning and fun of Halloween came down to kids dressing up as different characters and scaring people around, while the elders sit down to have a warm dinner surrounded by their loved ones. But history is not what the present suggests; it is reluctantly different from today’s customized traditions. If today the tradition is indulged in chocolates and pumpkin pies, the history told quite a different story.

History of Halloween

The history of this most celebrated holiday goes back to the pagan festival known as Samhain. It is a lot older than one might think! It is taken as this day, the line between our world and the afterlife becomes thin, which allows the people to reconnect with the dead. And the mysterious nature of Halloween comes from here, making the involvement of witches and ghosts.

There are so many details that we have reinvented with time. When the gift of digitalization dawned upon modern civilization, we started inventing different techniques to make the traditional Halloween celebration more fun. And with the technologies came the fun of pictures, wallpapers, and videos to decorate our modern gadgets.

Halloween Spooky Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the best way of inspiration and fun as they tend to bring out the style and elegance of anything they get put into. Moreover, when it comes to having the best of cute spooky wallpaper for the scariest day of the year, it is needed that people should get their hands on the fantastic wallpapers present.

So, here are the best of the top fifteen wallpapers that will make your mobile devices lit up with charm as well as horror to celebrate the beauty of scary Halloween.

Top Cute Spooky Wallpapers for Halloween 2020

1. A Skull

 The most dynamic and classic wallpaper that one can ever have is the wallpaper of a skull. The most famous is the one with a black long hoodie gown that depicts and personify death. It is spooky and widely popular.

Download A Skull – Free Spooky Wallpapers for this halloween.


2. Baby ghosts’ picture

Have you ever came across variant wallpaper that is not only deadly scary but also holds a certain amount of aww! Factor to it? It is the baby ghosts’ wallpapers that will lure you towards them.

Free Download Baby Ghosts Halloween Spooky Wallpapers from wall Paper Safari dot com.


3. Scary Pumpkin

What a Halloween celebration without a scary pumpkin laughing at your visitors. The popular and cute spooky wallpaper, scary pumpkin still gives a chill to people staring at it.

Free Download Spooky Wallpapers Scary Pumpkin


4. The Ring

When it comes to horror, the best-known movie is the ring, and we all know how many people got their gut scared with this movie. And when it comes out as wallpaper, the popularity increases along with the spookiness.

There are few Scary and Halloween Style – The Ring Spooky Wallpapers in Wallpaper Cave you can download for free.


5. Ominous Forest

The most hunted forests of all time are the Aokigahara forest of Japan. When the sinister forests get its wallpaper, it is worthy to set it as a Spooky Wallpapers and background.

6. The Burning Skull

The best spooky cute wallpaper, The Burning Skull will look eye appealing on your phone and desktop. From the spectacular movie series of The Ghost Riders comes this extremely amazing idea of getting a wallpaper. A burning skull with a leather jacket riding a bullet bike, what else can be so amazing?
Free Download different type of Halloween “Burning Skull” Spooky Wallpapers from Wall Paper Cave dot com.


7. The Hunting House Manor

With the new ghost series coming to be the new valiant, some of the Netflix original series get their wallpapers. The hunting of the hill house manor is the perfect ghostly building to have it as your wallpaper.

Download lots of scary The Hunting House Manor Spooky Wallpapers


8. The vampire – Spooky Wallpapers

A spooky Halloween cannot get completed without having a scary vampire man with blood dripping large fangs. This wallpaper is equally historical, like the pumpkin head making people love it as a wallpaper.


9. Corpse Bride

We all know hoe iconic was the movie The Corpse Bride starring some of the best actors Hollywood can have. And when you have wallpaper flaming the movie’s legacy, it is equally scary and classy to look.


10. The Exorcist

There is hardly anyone who haven’t watched The Exorcist A Halloween without ghosts of the exorcist is not possible! The iconic movie made millions clench their teeth in fear when it first got released. And when months later, the wallpapers dedicated to this film showed up, it went viral.

The Exorcist A Halloween Wallpaper – Download Free Wallpapers


11. The Black Cat

Do you remember the scary little black cat from Sabrina? The iconic series of films, comics dedicated solely to Halloween’s spirit never failed to make people go gaga over it. The wallpapers are equally cute and adorable with a hint of scary spookiness best for spooky cute wallpaper.

You can download FREE Halloween Wallpaper from Pixabay.


12. Killer Shark

The people who have seen jaws will relive the moment with this scary wallpaper. It is equally horrific and extraordinary.

13. A nightmare on Elm street

Every child’s horror, this movie is a remarkable statutory for the perfect scary night. Wallpaper with this movie will throw a chill in the spines.

Free Download – A nightmare on Elm street wallpaper for this Halloween


14. Trick or Treat Halloween Scary Pumpkin

Small ghostly figures with just two eyes going up to the crescent moon asking for candies is what will be perfect for a cute spooky wallpaper background equally celebrating the Halloween horror.

Free cute spooky pumpkin Trick or Treat Spooky Wallpapers Downloads from Wall Paper Cave dot come.


15. Black Spider

What a Halloween without a spider lurking over your window panel? As the tradition goes, this black spider wallpaper will give you a sinister look to your mobile, making the onlookers twitch.

You can download lot of Spooky Wallpapers for Halloween Black Spider Wallpapers from Wall Paper access.



When the talk is about Halloween, there are so many options and traditions to render upon, which makes it best for bringing out that creative, optimistic person inside one.

You can check our Spooky Mobile Halloween Background or Wallpapers for iPhone and Android.

Halloween costumes, flare stacks, decorated candles, scary interior, and so many more make the best and memorable. And when you have the best spooky cute wallpaper to make your mobile device look amazing, then what else could be perfect. So, celebrate the time of Halloween with your family and friends and take along your mobile to be a part of the tradition.

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