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10 ways to use Drones to make money

Research says that over 60 per cent of business opportunities available in the next decade as a result of technological advancements are not invented and unknown to humankind today. UAV technology or unmanned aerial vehicles is an apt example of this. UAV technology has exploded in popularity over the last few years.  While some invest in this technological wonder for fun and recreational indulgences, others use drones to pave out various money making avenues for themselves. Let’s delve into some lucrative opportunities these intelligent machines offer us.

Agricultural Surveys & Crop Monitoring

Agricultural Surveys with Drones

Drones help in gathering data such as soil hydration, pest and fungal problems, variation in soil composition across vast acres of land. This technology has helped in revolutionising agricultural efforts. These cameras are cost-effective and capture specific wavelengths & colours, helping farmers verify and diagnose problems in their fields.

Search & Rescue in Disaster Relief

Search Rescue Drones

Image Credits: altigator.com

Drones are of great use in floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters where helicopter pilots may find it risky to venture. Drones can provide real-time information and video footage with regard to devastation and people being trapped, especially in areas that are difficult to access by humans. They can also drop off relief material and first aid.

Aerial Surveillance & Topography

Drones can record landscapes, flora and fauna and the natural topography of vast acres of land for investigation and research. Its most natural form as there is no human element involved that may influence these natural conditions. This can be useful for wildlife conservation, geologists, mining companies, forestry management and much more.

Aerial Photography

Drone Aerial Photography

From wedding photography and advertisements for real estate companies to nature photography and videography, drones are useful across all sorts of photographic ventures. Some professionals even run blogs showcasing their drone photography. Many photographers make a living taking custom aerial footage and photographs on order.

Drone Deliveries

Drones Delivery

Drone deliveries are not just used during natural disasters but are also a method of delivery that is increasingly adopted by organisations such as AliExpress and Amazon. UAV pilots are in great demand for such deliveries with Amazon looking to develop a fleet of drones that deliver packages to their customers within 30 minutes of them placing the order.

Security & Aerial Surveillance

Drones help with surveillance for security purposes. CCTV cameras may not capture certain angles or hidden areas that drones can with ease. They are also useful in state security and private investigations.

Drone Races

Drone pilots participate and win drones races and bag huge prize money and possible sponsorships from various technology firms, real estate firms, security agencies etc. This is another great way to make money using the UAV technology.

Building Inspections

Drones help in building and real estate assessments. They take close shot videos for roof inspections, chimneys structures,  and much more in a cost-effective and safe manner. This gives building owners a view into potential damage and hazards that may arise in the future.

Underwater Inspections

Under Water Drones for Inspections

Submersible drones equipped with strong lighting and high-resolution cameras are helpful across various activities such as environmental assessments and marine biology & research. This helps professional divers, security surveillance, oceanic research and much more.

Drone Instructor/ Engineer

Being a drone instructor is an excellent way to make money if you have the necessary skills, licenses and certifications. Drone manufacturers look for instructors who can tutor their customers to fly their drones safely. These customers may be security professionals, photographers and other drone enthusiasts. UAV engineers are also employed by security agencies and photography companies to maintain and operate their drones effectively.