10 Top SEO WordPress Themes in 2020

Top SEO WordPress themes to choose and install on your website is not a challenging task, thanks to online listing sites. When it comes to digital marketing globally, evolution is immense, with various tools and many facilities that help a developer. Also, when the need is to spread the word for brand awareness, getting maximum traffic to your website, PPC, or even lead generation, you cannot ignore the importance of SEO. Over the years, WordPress themes have evolved, offering many options to site owners meeting their product or business.

SEO WordPress themes an overview

SEO or Search engine Optimisation’s binding relationship with content marketing is an essential part of any scheme. SEO is mainly the technical process that helps gain the quantity of the traffic flow to the website with maximum attraction. This makes it essential to have SEO embedded option on your website.

We know the essentiality of having SEO on a website, and so is why investing in WordPress theme. This article presents you with the top SEO WordPress themes in 2020 to choose and install. 

10 Top SEO WordPress Themes in 2020 for your website


Divi Ultimate WordPress Theme

It is one of the best-selling top SEO WordPress themes helping to build an optimized website. When starting a website, developers mainly focus on getting a search on Google and that is when this theme gives you power. Divi’s best thing is that it got self-update, regularly optimizing itself according to the newest ways and guidelines of the SEO practice. Choosing this theme, you get a growing selection containing the pre-built website packs that help create any developer website.

It also got a power builder tool with various website templates and integrated designs, making website development relatively easier. People can also create their website templates easily from scratch with the help of Divi.

2. Generate Press

Generatepress the perfect lightweight SEO Friendly WordPress Theme. Top SEO WordPress Theme

When it comes to getting your hands-on free top SEO WordPress themes, then Generate Press is the one to be selected for being the best. It is one of the popular themes in SEO generation with the minimal lightweight coding and high SEO features. The first version of this theme is free, giving an ampule of extension to the user for various features. The premium version of the theme is an upgraded form of the basic one where users will get full access to all the modules site libraries.

Various features make this theme the best like being secure and stable, with lightweight coding and easy understanding, having customized colours, and a very page builder friendly theme.

3. SEO Crawler

SEOCrawler WordPress Theme for SEO and Marketing Agency - Top SEO WordPress Theme

If you are in search of a professional and user-friendly theme for your SEO generation on the website, then SEO Crawler is the one to choose. After installing this theme, the users can choose from the three fully and wisely developed demos to ensure that people get accurate knowledge of the features. To create the content, the users can implant the content on the ore-build templates or create unique content using the GoodLayers features. 

The GoodLayers page builder tools has variant modules, elements, and designs allowing to customize and fit your website while building the content. It got high-end designs, which will make your website look breath taking.

4. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro SEO Friendly E-commerce WordPress Theme for onlineshop

Hestia is one of the powerful and professional looking top SEO WordPress themes having distinct approach making it more vital for SEO optimization. The best part of Hestia Pro is that it is so user-friendly and easy to build a small business or start-up website for anything. It also got a single page design in the theme for easy access. It got a clean look that gives an edge to the theme.

The theme also got a slick material design, variant customization, WooCommerce design ready, access to the starter sights, and an uncompromised speed. Users can create any website with the theme.

5. Newspaper

SEO Friendly NewsPaper WordPress theme for News Websites and News Blog - Best Seller - Top SEO WordPress Themes

If you are a blogger and looking for something interesting to make your website enchanting, then the Newspaper theme is the best choice for you. Mainly created keeping the world’s variant bloggers, the theme is all embedded with various easy and customisable features. The flexibility of the theme makes it unique and easy to install.

It also got social media to support along with Google Das, AdSense, and more tools to better user experience. The features like having modern and trendiest designs, easy usage with any coding skills, with eight premium plug-ins, and many more.

6. The Gem

SEO Friendly Multi Propose WordPress Theme

The Gem SEO WordPress theme is solely created for developing SEO optimisation for your website. The theme mainly focuses on ranking your website in the highest list of better traffic flow searches. When it comes to being an SEO friendly theme, The Gem got everything with fast loading times, mobile-friendly features, and having a secure coding system. If you chose the theme, its Yoast SEO friendly feature will scan and provide you with the best optimisation methods.

It got more than 100 of the demos for a swift process using the theme along with visual plug-ins options to make your working station and website a success.

7. Schema

Simple, Fast Loading SEO WordPress Theme. Fast SEO theme Schema.

When it comes to knowing the significance of a good SEO embedded website, Schema tops the list for being the best. It majorly ticks all the needed boxes to boost up content marketing through the best support. It also got one of the fastest WordPress themes with its quick loading options. The most important and one of the best features is that it got snippet support, which helps the search engines locate your website’s content, giving more traffic.

The schema theme got excellent and robust speed and got some of the best designs that will help build a mesmerizing and strong website.

8. Genesis

Genesis SEO WordPress Theme and Genesis Framework for SEO

Even if it sounds like some rocket science material, Genesis is one of the top SEO WordPress themes for generating the response online. The theme’s unique thing is the different sectors for the child’s influence designs, making it quite extraordinary. For the users involved in the marketing world, Genesis serves as the vital formula to help the search engines locate your website and work.

It got the fastest loading speed, a clean and understandable coding system, user friendly and customizable designs, variant layouts, and frameworks offering greater exposure to the website. The presence of various features and demos will help to understand the usage and working of the theme. It might look simple but got more power with its digital framework.

9.   Astra

ASTRA Fast Loading SEO Friendly WordPress Theme. Fast wordpress theme in pingdom, google page speed, GTMetrix, Yslow proven Fast WordPress Theme

Another SEO friendly WordPress theme, Astra helps user to reach out to the target audience through a site. The Astra theme can get used to creating any type and kind of website, may it be for personal use or product business. It makes full use of the WordPress editor to make greater compatibility to involve various plug-ins into your website. This theme’s library is relatively huge compared to other themes with the variations of designs and layouts.

Astra’s premier account gives access to other features like Beaver Builder and Elementor for better user experience. With this theme’s help, the users can re-create their work with the pre-build layouts and designs or even can start their designs from scratch.

10.  The7

The 7 Multi Propose WordPress Theme with Best SEO and Easy to customise the website

It is the most customizable and user-friendly WordPress themes that one can ever get their hands-on. The7 is a multipurpose theme that can get used to creating any website, and with its fast loading time and speed, it makes the optimization even easier. The theme provides the users with two design options to choose to ensure a high-quality configuration in both. With its impressive and flexible framework, the theme got the latest and the trendiest web designing features, making it more popular than ever.

It also got a Visual composer page builder and two kinds of slider plug-ins, a translation function, a page builder, and so much more. The7 not only makes the website looks good; it also makes sure that the website gets maximum traffic.


No matter how top-quality content placed on your website, you cannot get people to reach your website unless it is designed using the SEO theme. These top SEO WordPress themes carry all major features and are easy to customise as per the content need. Various factors can temper and hamper your SEO build-up, so it becomes important to have the right SEO oriented WordPress theme.

Let us know which theme works best for your website.

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