10 fastest WordPress themes in 2020 for Mobile

Fastest WordPress themes do not only mean they have faster loading capacity but also means they can make the website look approachable and worth staying for long. When it comes to choosing the best WordPress themes for your devices, especially for smartphone, things can get tough.

There are many things and features that one gets to look for while searching around for the perfect theme like the fastest WooCommerce theme or even the fastest amp WordPress theme. But when it comes to performance, we all go for a theme with speed as nobody likes a lagging and slow performance.

Sometimes when visitors come around to check your website through their mobile phones, they tend to get stuck with slow loading problems, which will take them off your site. This also means that you are losing a potential client or customer. Thankfully, there are some best and fastest WordPress themes in 2020, which are free and paid you can choose and invest on.

We now bring you with the list of 10 fastest WordPress themes in 2020 for mobile.

1.      Jevelin

Jevelin fastest WordPress themes

When it comes to getting the fastest WordPress theme in the market, then Jevelin is the one that tops the list for being the best. This is one of the multi-purposes and premium themes that tend to make your website the best. Some of the best designers and software developers making sure the customers created Jevelin to experience perfection.

It also got incredible graphical customization that helps to make your website look amazing even on the phone. It also got multiple page layout designs, customizable elements and features, and more than forty animations and much more to experiment. Whether you want to build an insurance website or food website, you can use this WordPress theme.

2.      Gillion

Gillion fastest WordPress theme

It is a new yet classy fastest WordPress theme that works perfectly with any kind and type of mobile device. It also comes with a fantastic built-in customization feature that helps the user work with the designs according to their needs. It also got seven of the pre-build demos that allow users to learn the working and about of the theme application.

Gillion simplifies your work with the designing; it also helps streamline the coding system through an advanced admin coding panel. This amazing theme got compatibility with WPBakery page builder and even Bootstrap. It also got four different sets of headers, a mesmerizing top bar with twelve fabulous customizable widgets.

3.      Soledad

Soledad fastest WordPress theme

While listing the best premium yet lightweight and fastest WordPress theme in the market, Soledad is the one that comes in mind. It is one of the best and multi-concept themes designed to fit any mobile device. This amazing theme got variant styling and designing choices that can be customized accordingly. This powerful theme also got live customizer, with more than 250 customizing options for easy designing, slider combination of different layout, and more than 200 layouts.

Being one of the fastest free WordPress themes 2020 Soledad is equipped with the best speed and server loads that enhance user interference. It never slows downs or even crashes no matter you use it on the desktop or laptop.

4.      CheerUp

Cheerup Fastest WordPress themes

CheerUp is the fastest WooCommerce theme for both website and mobile. It is clean, responsive, and more straightforward to use, which also allows the user to work their way around the website building techniques. This fastest AMP WordPress theme got all the things that one might be wishing. It got more than 200 layouts with variations, with the flexibility to fit with any designs and style. Handy widgets, amazing features, latest news, and more are all in this amazing fastest WordPress theme.

CheerUp also got unique header designs, footer variations, along with slider designs and much more. It gets easy to fine-tune your website design with various widgets and features to make your website look the best. It is also reliable with mobile phones and handsets, making it easy to work it around.

5.      Newspaper

Newspaper fastest WordPress theme

Are you in for the theme that gives you the best loading and working speed on mobile bringing a good conversion rate? Then Newspaper is the fastest WordPress theme that you should check out for your website. The designs and the features are simple and easy to work around with the widgets. It is one of the popular yet the best of the themes that can be run in any device.

Newspaper got the PRO demos that are mainly faster as well as lighter to use, making the loading process hustle free. It also got more than hundreds of variant pre-made designs made for various purposes. The user gets to add-up video demo from YouTube or even Vimeo making their website more interesting.

6.      Webify

Webify fastest WordPress theme

Webify is carefully fastest WordPress theme that provide the users with pre-build multiple designing concepts and widgets for help in making the best website content. It is also a new user-friendly theme that allows easy access and addition of editing through the drag and drop process. It does not matter if the users are professional designer or starting from scratch, Webify got all your needs and ideas covered.

It comes with ready to use internal layouts, various shortcodes, different headers, and footers for giving a unique look to your website. The best thing about the theme is the speed and loading access that allows it to work smoothly on the phone.

7.      The Gem

The Gem fastest WordPress theme

It is one of the super-fast and amazing fastest WordPress theme that every designer or user should try out. The Gem provides first-class performance with a better and easier way of handling the usage. With The Gem, you will get more than a hundred of variant layouts and templets that can go with any type and style that you might be planning to install and design for the mobile usage purpose.

 The drag and drop builder present in the theme is one of the best features that allow the users to quickly move around and add in things and contents to their website. The Gem is the lightweight WordPress theme free and guarantees success through the hustle freeway.

8.      Newsmag

Newsmag fastest WordPress theme

Newsmag is clean and regarded as the fastest WordPress theme of the world that allows the users to work around the framework easily. It was built so that users would be able to write and publish their work through the help of this theme. It also comes with variant six ways to install stacks making the work pretty simpler than before.

The theme is also built around the WPBakery page builder that allows the user to create multiple work performances without lagging in the system. Newsmag has more than twenty-two of customized widgets, seventeen permanent features, with five of the general UI.

9.      Jannah

Jannah fastest WordPress theme

The fastest WordPress theme, Jannah, is an upgraded and speed-optimizing themes present in the market. It has more than twenty pre-made demos for users that are highly usable and functional for various purposes. It is specifically designed to make your work easier and more reliable, giving your website that extra nudge that it needed to look good.

Jannah is also one of the fastest amp WordPress themes that can be used easily in mobile phones. It got the best SEO support from Yoast Plugin that makes searching for your website easier. The presence of the Lazy Load feature helps users load in images and videos anytime they get the requirement.

10.  Pofo

Pofo fastest WordPress themes

Pofo is an elegant fastest WordPress theme that allows users an easier work process. Being one of fastest free WordPress themes 2020, Pofo is built by professional designers and software developers that make sure the users get satisfaction out of the theme. It tends to satisfy users with an oomph for creating an elegant and stunning handcrafted website for their company that can be accessed on any device. So if you are looking for theme for your food WordPress blog, then you can choose Pofo.

 Pofo has more than 150 elements, various 200 pre-built templates, and layouts for different usage. It also got 25+ finely crafted demos for the user’s help and need. It got shortcodes, widgets, features, and more that makes your website the best.


When it comes to getting the best for your mobile website creation, themes play an important role in creating your website’s base. The best working and designed theme can help in creating a successful website. That is why these lightweight WordPress theme free will help you reach a new level of creativity. It is best to compare each of the fastest WordPress theme be it free or paid before you invest in any.

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